What you need to know

Things to remember:

  • We can read from right to left to help us find the place value: Units, tens, hundreds

When finding place value, we read from right to left: units, tens, hundreds, … Let’s look at the number 485

5\rightarrow Units

8\rightarrow Tens

4\rightarrow Hundreds

So, the 5 means we have 5 1s (5\times1=5), the 8 means we have 8 10s (8\times10=80), and the 4 means we have 4 100s (4\times100=400).

What is the value of the 2 in 327?

7\rightarrow Units

2\rightarrow Tens

So, we can see that the 2 represents 2 10s, or 20.

Example Questions

To get to the 4 we read across three times: Units. Tens. Hundreds. The 4 represents 100s, so the answer is 400.

To get to the 2 we read across twice: Units. Tens. The 2 represents 10s, so the answer is 20.

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