What you need to know

Things to remember:

  • The “thousands” go on the left of the decimal.
  • The “hundreds” go on the right of the decimal.
  • If there are only thousands, there will be no decimal!

We will use converting from kilometres to metres to help us see how we can convert from metres to kilometres.

“Convert 5.9km to m”

Let’s split this into the whole number and the decimal

5km = 5000m

0.9km = 900m

5.9km =5km+ 0.9km = 5000m + 900m = 5900m

If we flip this around to start with km, then we will notice something nice.

5900m =5000m + 900m = 5km + 0.9km = 5.9km

We can see that the thousands become a “whole number” of kilometres, and the hundreds become the decimal part.

7600m =7000m + 600m = 7km+0.6km = 7.6km

1300m =1000m + 300m = 1km+0.3km 1.3km

6600m =6.6km

2400m =2.4km

If we only have thousands, then there won’t be a decimal!

1000m = 1km

5000m = 5km

9000m = 9km

Example Questions

Question 1: Convert 3000m into kilometres.


3000m = 3km

Question 2: Convert 9800m into km.


9800m =9000m + 800m = 9km+0.8km = 9.8km