Converting Kilometres to Metres | year 4 Maths Resources

What you need to know

Things to remember:

  • Kilo means 1000
  • When covering kilometres into metres we multiply by 1000
  • 1km = 1000m
  • 5km = 500m

Kilometres is along word, so is usually shortened to just km.

A kilometre has 1000 metres in it, so we get:

1 kilometre = 1000m

1km = 1000m

Converting kilometres into metres is quite easy we just multiply by 1000!

6km = 6\times1000m=6000m

4km = 4\times1000m=4000m

km = 7\times1000m=7000m

Distances aren’t always come in whole numbers, so we’ll often have to convert decimal amounts. So, it is easiest to remember that the first number after the decimal will represent hundreds. The hundreds.

6.8km = 6000m+800m=6800m

2.4km = 2000m+400m=2400m

3.6km = 3600m

9.9km = 9900m

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Example Questions

5km = 5\times1000m=5000m

7km = 7000m + 900m =7900m

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