Multiply Three Numbers | Year 4 Maths Resources

What you need to know

Things to remember:

  • If we multiply by 1 the number stays the same!
  • If we multiply by 0 the answer is always 0!

Multiplying numbers can be simple when we have 1s or 0s. If we multiply by 1 the number doesn’t change, if we multiply by 0 the answer is always 0.

 What is 12\times0\times4?



TIP: Whenever there is a multiplication with a 0, the answer will always be 0!

What is 315\times217\times0?

Try multiplying the 0 first.


When we multiply by 1, our numbers stay the same!

What is [/latex]5\times1\times8[/latex]?


Let’s look at some more examples:




TIP: When there is a \times1, we can just ignore it!

You might also be asked a question like “What is the answer to [/latex]6\times6\times5[/latex]?” So we’ll have two multiplications to do. But you can decide on which order is easiest for you.



Question 1: What is 6\times0\times8?

Example Questions

There is a 0, so the answer has to be 0!  But let’s just check





One of the multiplications is a 1, so we can start by ignoring it.





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