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KS2 SATs Flash Cards

KS2 SATs Flash Cards

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What you need to know

Things to remember:

  • You can change the order of times tables to make them easier.
  • We can split up times tables to make them easier.


0 Times Table: When we multiply by 0 the answer is always 0, 2361.35562\times0 =0

1 Times Table: When we multiply by 1 the number doesn’t change. 1411.245\times1=1411.245

2 Times Table: The 2 times table is just doubling!

3 Times Table: No tricks to it, you just need to learn them!

4 Times Table: If we compare the 2- and 4-times tables, we can see that the 4 times table is just double the 2 times table. We double and double again!


5 Times Table: The 5 times table always ends in a 0 or a 5.

6 Times Table: 6=3\times2. If you learn the 3 times table, you can use this and then double to get the 6 times table!


7 Times Table: No tricks to it, you just need to learn it!

8 Times Table: We can swap the order to make it easier. If we wanted to find 5\times8 we could instead do 8\times5=40.

Also, notice that the 8 times table is just double the 4 times table. So, we can double, double, and double again.


9 Times Table: We have a couple of tricks here:

The numbers in the 9 times table add together to make 9

If we look at the 9 times table in the grid, we can also see that as the tens go up by 1, the units go down by 1.

9\times5=4 9\times6=54 9\times7=63 9\times8=72

45: 4+5=9 54: 5+4=9 63: 6+3=9 72: 7+2=9

10 Times Table: We just put a 0 on the end of the 1 times table! 9\times10=90.

11 Times Table: You put 2 of what you multiply together:



When multiplying by 10, put a 0 on the end. No tricks for 11\times11 and 12\times11, just need to learn them.

12 Times Table: Split the 12 times table in to the 10 times table and the 2 times table.




We can use our knowledge of times table and inverse operations to help with each other.

What is 35\div7?

We can turn it into a multiplication question.




Example Questions



Times Table Flash Cards

Times Table Flash Cards

(27 Reviews) £8.99
  • All of the KS2 times tables are covered
  • Engaging and fun maths cards
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