What you need to know

Things to remember:

  • A fraction is a division, with the top number divided by the bottom number.
  • A 10 on the bottom means we divide by 10.
  • A 100 on the bottom means we divide by 100.

Remember, we have fancy names for the numbers in a fraction:

\frac{5}{100} = \frac{\leftarrow Numerator}{\leftarrow Denominator}

A fraction is a way of writing a division, with the top being divided by the bottom.

Let’s start with 10ths

\frac{5}{10}= 5\div10=0.5

\frac{70}{10}= 70\div10=7

\frac{80}{10}= 80\div10=8

\frac{120}{10}= 120\div10=12

How about 100ths?

\frac{500}{100}= 500\div100=5

\frac{700}{100}= 700\div100=7

\frac{1000}{100}= 1000\div100=10

\frac{200}{100}= 200\div100=2

Example Questions

Question 1: What does \dfrac{30}{10} mean?

A: 30\div10

B: 10\div30

C: 30\div100




\dfrac{30}{10} means 30\div10

Question 2: What does \dfrac{600}{100} mean?

A: 10\div100  

B: 60\div100 

C: 600\div100

D: 100\div600

E: 10 \div100


\dfrac{600}{100} means 600\div100