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Times Table Flash Cards

Times Table Flash Cards

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What you need to know

Things to remember:

  • A fraction is just a division, with the top number divided by the bottom number.
  • We get 10ths by dividing by 10.
  • We get 100ths by dividing by 100.

Let’s just remind ourselves of the fancy names of the numbers in a fraction:

\frac{4}{10} = \frac{\leftarrow Numerator}{\leftarrow Denominator}

Remember, a fraction is just another way of writing a division question! We divide the top number by the bottom number!





This is the same for the other way, we can write a division as a fraction!





Like halves we divide by 2, for thirds we divide by 3, etc. we divide by 10 to make 10ths and by 100 to get 100ths!

Let’s look at this for 100ths!





But we can write the divisions as fractions as well:





Example Questions

\dfrac{9}{10} means 9\div10

\dfrac{12}{100} means 12\div100

Times Table Flash Cards

Times Table Flash Cards

(30 Reviews) £8.99 £5.99
  • All of the KS2 times tables are covered
  • Engaging and fun maths cards
  • An easy way to learn
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