What you need to know

Things to remember:

– There are 1000ml in 1L.

We need to remember that:

There are 1000 millilitres in 1 litre

Writing these out can be time consuming and take up more space, so we have a shorthand way of writing them:

Litres           —          L

Millilitres      —          ml

What is 7L in ml?

We know that 1L is the same as 1000ml, and that 7L is just 7 lots of 1L, so we need 7 lots of 1000.



7L = 7000ml

So really, we just need to multiply the litres by 1000 to turn them into millilitres.

We can draw a little diagram to help us remember.



Looking at this, how do you think we might turn millilitres into litres? What is the opposite of multiplication? Division! So, we can go backwards by dividing by 1000.



What is 3700ml in L?

To go from millilitres to litres we divide by 1000.


3700ml = 3.7L

Example Questions

Question 1: What is 4.5L in millilitres?




4.5L = 4500ml

Question 2: What is 1300 millilitres in L?




1300ml = 1.3L