Divide Fractions by Whole Numbers | Year 6 Maths Resources

What you need to know

Things to remember:

  • When we divide a fraction by a whole number, we multiply the denominator by it.

This topic will look at questions like:

What is \dfrac{24}{2}\div3?

So, how do you think we can do this? Well, remember, a fraction is just another way of writing a “division” question. So, let’s change that fraction into a division.



We have now changed this into a question with two divisions, which we can do!


So, that wasn’t too bad really, was it? There are two things we need to notice here:

  1. 2\times3=6
  2. 24\div6=4

So, I wonder, can we just “multiply” the two divisions together?

What is \dfrac{40}{5}\div4?

Let’s see what our two divisions will be.



So, we have \div5 and \div4. If we “multiply” them we’d have \div20. So, our answer should be 40\div20=2. Let’s see if this works.

40\div5\div4 =8\div4=2

Success, we can “multiply” our divisions!!! So, how does this help us? Well, we can now write our question as one division.


But, we can write this division as a fraction.



So, really, all we do when we divide a fraction by a whole number is we multiply the denominator by it!




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