Identify the Value of Each Digit Up to 3 Decimal Places | Year 6 Maths

What you need to know

Things to remember:

  • When identifying the value of digits in decimals, we work from left to right.

If we were looking for value of digits in a whole number, we start from the right and go left.

What is the value of each digit in 7236?

6\rightarrow Units

3\rightarrow Tens

2\rightarrow Hundreds

7\rightarrow Thousands





So, how do we identify values in a decimal number? We do it in the exact same way!

What is the value of each digit in 8.432?

8\rightarrow Units

4\rightarrow Tenths

3\rightarrow Hundredths

2\rightarrow Thousandths





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Example Questions

2\rightarrow Units


3\rightarrow Tenths


5\rightarrow Hundredths


2\rightarrow Thousandths




The 5 in 2.352 is worth 5 hundredths, or 0.05.

1\rightarrow Units


1\rightarrow Tenths


1\rightarrow Hundredths


8\rightarrow Thousandths




The 8 in 1.118 is worth 8 thousandths, or 0.008.

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