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Question: Calculate the following conversions.

a) 130 m into cm 

b) 1001 g into kg 

c) 3.3 tonnes into kg

a) Each metre is equivalent to 100 cm, so we must times the value by 100:

130\text{ m } \equiv 130\times 100=13,000\text{ cm}

b) Each kg is equivalent to 1,000 g, so we must divide the value by 1,000:

1,001\text{ g } \equiv 1,001\div 1,000=1.001\text{ kg}

c) Each tonne is equivalent to 1,000 kg, so we must times the value by 1,000:

3.3\text{ tonnes } \equiv 3.3\times 1,000=3,300\text{ kg}