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KS3 Maths Revision Cards


Whether you are buying these maths cards for a year 7 student who loves maths and wants to learn more or you are getting them for a reluctant year 9 student who has an end of year exam, these cards will be useful. Our KS3 maths revision cards are effective and will help to engage your child with their maths revision.

  • All of the major KS3 maths topics covered
  • Practice questions and answers on every topic
  • Detailed model solutions for every question

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How the cards look

Take a look at a sample of our KS3 Maths cards below

Fast and Effective Revision

Our KS3 maths revision cards cover all the major areas of the curriculum which makes them very useful for students when trying to quickly identify areas of the course they need to revise. These flashcards not only contain explanations of each topic, they have a practise question to further test understanding. All questions are accompanied by explanations which can be easily accessed via our QR codes. 

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KS3 Maths Revision Cards Feature Image
Key Stage 3 Maths Flashcards

Teachers and students are always talking about flashcards being a great way to revise, and we agree. At Maths Made Easy we are the first to make a comprehensive KS3 maths revision card pack that is useful for students, teachers and even tutors. Get our KS3 maths flashcards today and start the revision revolution! 

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KS3 Maths Revision Cards Feature Image

Features of the KS3 Revision Cards

MME provide the very best KS3 Revision Cards

All major topics covered

Algebra, Number, Graphs, Ratio, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics and all the sub topics within the KS3 curriculum.

Key formulae

All of the KS3 maths formulas that appear in the curriculum also appear in our pack!

All abilities

Our KS3 revision cards are suitable for students of all abilities.

More features of KS3 Maths Revision Cards
Easy to order

Press the buy now button, add your quantity and pay, as simple as that.

Secure payment

Either a secure card payment or Paypal, either way we don't store your details and it is secure.

Quick delivery

Within a few days of your order the revision cards will arrive.

What our customers say

Reviews from real customers who have purchased the KS3 Maths Revision Cards

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These cards are fantastic! My son struggles with his maths and we had been looking for a new way to get him engaged in maths. We have seen a really positive change in his attitude towards learning.


I would recommend these key stage three cards to any teacher, tutor or parent who is looking to support their child. The cards are informative and cover all maths topics for year 7 to 9.

Alice Bright

Exactly what we had hoped for. These key stage three cards are just what we were looking for, something a little to help our youngest to revise for her end of term exams. Good job maths made easy!

Alexandra Martins

These cards are a life saver. My daughter has a KS3 maths test shortly which will determine which set she is in as they move into the GCSE course and these cards have given her a new motivation and she is no working her way through the entire key stage three course.

Nina Husain

Brilliant key stage 3 maths cards, exceptional presentation and the content covers the curriculum in good depth.


I was looking at the GCSE maths revision cards when I realised that you can actually get key stage 3 cards. I am pleased we have bought this pack as it covers the curriculum to the right level. Amy is a bright girl but we didn't want to overwhelm her with GCSE content that she isn't going to cover for a couple of years yet and these maths cards are pitched at the right level.


Superb key stage 3 cards. I have been working through these with my son and I didn't realise how hard maths had got. All the news articles are about how much easier exams are getting but I was trying to work through an exam paper with Alfie and I didn't have a clue, and neither did he. Our plan was to therefore look at getting a revision guide or something and then I came across these cards on the maths site we use to get worksheets. The cards are split up by each topic and make the whole revision process a lot easier.


Fantastic! In the age of the screens having something physical to revise from is a god send. The flash cards are engaging and Amy has enjoyed working through them, thanks.

Speed Up Your Revision

The MME KS3 maths revision cards are a great way to cover the entire curriculum quickly and effectively.

Revise every topic

From Number to Algebra, every KS3 maths topic is covered.

KS3 revision notes

Key points and formulae highlighted for effective revision.

80 cards

Plenty of cards to ensure the KS3 maths curriculum is covered.

Fast Shipping

Ensures you get the flash cards quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions you have about our KS3 Maths Revision Cards are answered here.

Yes, our KS3 maths revision cards cover the core curriculum with every major topic type covered. 

These key stage three maths cards are A5, with one side dedicated to covering the key content and the reverse used for practice questions. 

Each maths revision card has a title of the topic covered, an explanation, a formula if there is one and at least one worked example so students can learn how to answer questions using the best methods. There is also a question on the reverse of every card with space for working. Each card has a QR code to make accessing the answers and further KS3 revision materials as easy as possible. 

You use or simple online order system to purchase the quantity you want. 

We offer discounts for larger orders which are typically placed by schools and tuition agencies. Our order form takes care of all discount codes and bulk order discounts which are applied automatically to the basket. 

You can scan the handy QR code which will take you directly to the worked solution as well as tonnes of other relevant KS3 revision materials. If you have an iPhone you can simply scan the code with your camera, for Android phones there are tonnes of free QR apps. Alternatively you can use the code on the card to access the correct answers directly through the site. 

Interested in our Key Stage 3 Maths Cards?

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