KS3 Maths Revision

Welcome to the Maths Made Easy KS3 Maths page. Here you will find everything you need to comprehensively cover the KS3 maths course. Maths Made Easy is one the fastest growing maths resource platforms and in recent months we have given a real focus to ks3 maths worksheets and revision materials. Whether you are covering year 7 maths for an end of term test or you are a teacher looking for KS3 maths worksheets and resources, you should find what you are looking for on our dedicated page.

KS3 Maths GCSE Cross Over Topics


Multiplying and Dividing


Prime Factors LCM HCF

Fractions Grades 1-4

Fractions and Recurring Decimals

Rounding Numbers


Bounds and Truncation

Standard Form

Powers and Roots

Rules of Indices

Multiplying Out Single and Double Brackets

Factorising (Foundation)

Solving Equations (Foundation)

Rearranging Formulas

Sequences and Nth Term (Linear)

Inequalities On a Number Line and Solving Inequalities

Simultaneous Equations

Gradients of Straight Line Graphs

Drawing Straight Line Graphs

Coordinates and Ratios

Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Plotting Quadratic and Harder Graphs

Distance-Time Graphs


Speed Distance Time

Density Mass Volume

Pressure Force Area

Geometry Problems Foundation

Interior and Exterior Angles

Circle Theorems

Congruent Shapes

Areas of Shapes

Areas of Circles and Circle Segments

Surface Area

Volumes of 3Ds

Projections, Plans and Elevations


Probability and Tree Diagrams

Mean, Median, Mode and Range

Frequency Tables

Box Plots

Cumulative Frequency

Scatter Graphs

The KS3 maths revision materials cover all of year 7 maths all the way up to year 9 maths. Whether you are looking to revise a key stage 3 topic such as algebra to help you understand it, or you are preparing for a KS3 maths test, then the revision materials you can access from this page will really help. There are year 7 maths worksheets and online revision materials and a whole host of resources to help you learn. These resources extend all the way through to year 9 maths so that you can cover the entire KS3 maths curriculum with Maths Made Easy helping you every step of the way. Maths revision at KS3 doesn’t have to be too challenging, with all of the KS3 Maths worksheets and online revision aids in one place, you can use our revision materials to help you with homework and to help you to prepare for tests.

Our KS3 maths resources are split into two large tables. The first covers all the major topic areas that are also covered at GCSE and these pages and KS3 math resources will really help you to prepare for your GCSE and are therefore more suited to high ability year 7 maths students or those who have progressed at KS3 maths and are coming towards the end of the course. The second table splits up the KS3 Maths topics into much more detail and enables you to revise subtopics much more effectively. Therefore if you have identified an area that you need to revise such as cube roots or even multiplication and division, then you can find these subtopic areas and access relevant KS3 maths materials to help you revise and learn. With Maths Made Easy, revising KS3 maths is much easier and if you use our resources well you will find that you can effectively prepare for your end of term and end of year KS3 maths tests.

KS3 Maths Curriculum Topics

Add and Subtract Fractions with Like Denominators

Add and Subtract Three Integers

Add and Subtract Two Decimal Place Numbers

Arithmetic Sequence

Classify Numbers

Collecting Like Terms

Compare Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions

Compare Rational Numbers

Comparing Equivalent Ratios

Comparing Percentages

Composite Number

Convert Between Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers

Convert Between Mixed Numbers and Decimals

Coordinates on a Straight Line

Cube Roots

Decimal Place Value

Divisibility Rules

Division with Exponent

Estimate to find the Operator

Estimating Square Roots

Evaluate non-linear expressions

Evaluating Absolute Value

Evaluating Exponents

Evaluating Exponents for Decimals

Evaluating Exponents with Fractional Bases

Evaluating Exponents with Negative Bases

Expanding Single Brackets

Expanding Two Brackets

Exponent with Powers

Finding the Missing Exponent (Power)

Finding the Mode

Finding the Range

Further Estimating to find the Operator

Further Inequalities


Identify Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences

Identify Rational Numbers

Identifying Terms

Integer Multiplication and Division (Negatives)

Integers on Number Lines

Multiplication with Exponent

Multiply Polynominals - Single Brackets

Multiplying Numbers Ending in Zeros

Negative Exponents

Operations with Brackets

Order Decimals

Percentages of Money

Prime Factor Decomposition

Rearrange Formulae to Change the Subject

Recognisable Variable Expressions

Recognise When x and y Satisfy an Equation

Relationship between Squares and Square Roots

Round Decimal Numbers

Round Decimals and Mixed Numbers

Simple Interest

Single Bracket Factorisation

Solving Equations by Collecting Like Terms

Solving Linear Equations

Solving Nonlinear Equations

Solving Ratios for x

Solving Two Step Equations

Standard Form

Standard Form to Ordinary Numbers


Substitution with Multiple Variables

Understanding Exponents (Powers)

Understanding Inequalities

Understanding Mixed Metric Units

Understanding Negative Exponents (Powers) and Reciprocals

Understanding Negative Numbers

Understanding Time Units

Using VAT

Word Names for Decimal Numbers

Writing Equations in Words

The KS3 maths resources on this page have been set out to cover the entire syllabus and to help bridge the gap into GCSE. You will see a comprehensive list of KS3 topics which link to GCSE maths pages that are relevant to the KS3 maths curriculum. You can use these topic pages to cover all of the KS3 maths course before moving onto the GCSE course once all of the areas are covered. Many schools and teachers are choosing to move past KS3 maths by the middle of year 9 in order to give as much time as possible to the new and more challenging KS4 maths course. These KS3 resources will help you to bridge the gap from key stage three.

In our second table of resources you will see more key stage 3 maths subtopics that delve a little deeper into the KS3 maths curriculum. Here the topics such as fractions are broken down into smaller more manageable topics so that teachers can prepare lesson plans more effectively and find ks3 maths resources that really target a class or students weak area. These key stage three maths pages will also provide you with materials for things like starters, worksheets and homework ideas. For private tutors the ks3 maths worksheets and resources can be used to effectively cover the entire KS3 maths curriculum without the need to sign up to a subscription service or purchase expensive resource packs. With Maths Made Easy you will find teaching KS3 maths a lot easier and it will also help to take the stress and effort out of lesson preps.