What you need to know

Things to remember:

  • The order matters for subtraction and division questions.
    • 4-2\neq2-4
    • 4\div2\neq2\div4
  • When multiplying numbers and variables together, we don’t usually write the multiplication operator.
  • The word “over” refers to a fraction.
    • 3 over 5\frac{3}{5}

Equations and expressions won’t always be written using maths and operators, but might be written in words, so you need to learn the different names for the operators.

\times                  multiplied         multiply            times               product

\div                      divided             over                 divided

+                                              add                  plus                  sum

–                                               take away       minus              subtract           Difference

=                                              is                      the same as    equals

()                                              everything


We now need to learn some slightly more technical language:

Variable are quantities that can change, they are usually represented by letters.

Coefficients are the numbers that multiply variables.

Terms are either numbers by themselves or variables and coefficients.

Expressions are mathematical phrases that contain numbers, variables, and operators.

Equations tell us when two expressions are equal.

Coefficients are the numbers that go before a variable.


Hint: Remember, when we multiply two variables or a number and a variable we don’t need the multiplication operator.

Hint: Numbers go before variables

Hint: We usually write variables in alphabetical order.


Write 5 multiplied by e

5\times e=5e

Write the product of x and 7


Write b multiplies a

b\times a=ab


Hint: Remember, fractions are just division questions.

Hint: There order of division matters 4\div2\neq2\div4


Write z over 2


Write 6 divided by h

6\div h



Write the sum of 11 and h

11 + h


Write 13 plus g




Hint: There order of subtraction matters 4-2\neq2-4



Write the difference of 9 and 6



Write 13 minus g


Example Questions

6\times g=6g


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