What you need to know

Things to remember:

  • 1kg = 1000g
  • 1km = 1000m
  • 1L = 1000ml
  • 1m = 100cm


When converting units, we can look at it in two ways.

Method 1 – Place Values

When looking at converting units, it can be helpful to understand place values and how much they’d represent.

Let’s start with converting g, m, and ml. Because we convert these by dividing by 1000, everything bigger than the 1000s will represent the bigger units, and everything smaller will represent the smaller units.



15353g = 15.363kg or 15kg and 363g



26311m = 26.311km or 26km and 311m



74213ml = 74.213L or 74L and 213ml

Turning cm into m is a little different. Because we divide by 100 to convert, everything bigger than 100 will be the m, and everything smaller will be the cm.



1377cm = 13.77m or 13m and 77cm

Bigger units are much easier to understand, we just need to remember that the number before the decimal is the big unit, and the decimals are the smaller units.



24.6216kg = 24kg and 621g



78.213km = 78km and 213m



33.236L = 33L and 237ml



13.56m = 13m and 36cm

Example Questions


14678ml is 14L and 678ml


27.65m =27m and 65cm

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