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Why Choose a Local Maths Tutor?

There are a number of reasons why a local maths tutor from Maths Made Easy is a better option

Qualified and Experienced Maths Tutors

All of our local maths tutors are qualified to tutor and have extensive experience either in classroom teaching, or private tutoring or often both.

Up to Date DBS

DBS checks are a must for Maths Made Easy tutors which gives us and parents peace of mind when a local tutor enters your home to teach.

In Person Maths Tuition

Our local maths tutors deliver the lessons in the comfort of your own home making it as convenient as possible for students, so there is no excuse not to work!

Specialist Local Maths Tutors

Our local maths tutors specialise in the subject and level they teach. If you want a GCSE maths tutor we won't place you with an A Level maths teacher, it sounds logical but many other tuition services don't work like this.

What parents say about our local maths tutors

Reviews from real parents and students who have used our tuition services.

Independent reviews provided by reviews.co.uk

12 hours ago

My tutor- Jo Simister- was invaluable as she helped me secure a grade 9 for my maths GCSE! Jo was also very organised; always had a great lesson planned and was very friendly.

1 month ago

A tutor was found quickly & he is making a real difference to the the confidence my son has towards his maths work.

Mr Singh
1 month ago

My maths tutor, Garry, has saved my maths career. I've always secretly had a passion for maths but it was hidden under many of the confusing and non-mathematical ideas handed to us by our clueless teachers. Garry uncovered it, and I'm so greatful. Garry has been the most helpful, honest and friendly tutor anyone could ever have. Not only does he have an enormous sense of humour and unique method to teach, he has a passion for maths, and unfortunately, many people have lost that passion. MathsMadeEasy helped me to find my tutor who I see more as a mentor. After completing my GCSE's I could tell my grades for maths skyrocketed and hopefully I would be able to pursue maths in sixth form through A-level Maths, something I hated before Garry came. Although this is not a short review, it's in depth and honest. Thank you, Garry and MathsMadeEasy.

2 months ago

I thought it was great, really helped me. Thanks guys.

2 months ago

Great! Has lots of information and explains clearly and really helps you understand. It has questions at the end to test knowledge as well.

2 months ago

Science tutor was fabulous! Engaging and knowledgeable. A pleasure to deal with. Will use again. Thank you

Frequently Asked Tuition Questions

For all levels of maths tuition up to and including GCSE we charge £30 per session and for A Level maths it is £35. These prices apply to all areas of the country with the exception to some London areas where the prices can vary.

Our local maths tutors cover many areas across the country, with tutors in every major city and town. The chances are we have a local maths tutor who can travel to you!

Yes, unlike many other tuition services, our local maths tutors are all qualified to tutor and have extensive tutoring experience or have been classroom teachers.

You contact Maths Made Easy and we make finding a local maths tutor easy! We will take all of your info and match you with the most suitable tutor in your area. If we don't have a maths tutor in your area then we will recommend someone else, either way we are here to help!

You call or email in, our experienced tuition consultants will discuss your child and their needs before passing you onto the most appropriate tutor. The tutor will then call you directly to arrange your first lesson, as easy as that!

Yes they focus on teaching one subject, maths and they tend to only teach one level, whether that be KS2, KS3, GCSE or A Level. We even have tutors who specialise in functional skills maths and other equivalent qualifications.

Call 020 3633 5145 to enquire about a Maths tutor near you.