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98% of parents and students say 'Excellent'.

Shane Maguire

Great product

Reviewed: Course in a Box – GCSE Maths (Guaranteed Pass)
Mr Dugdale

I couldn't fault the exam papers. 1 typo in the revision card pack but minor and didn't detract from their usefulness. One of the best A level maths resources I have used.

Reviewed: A Level Maths Home Study Kit
Czeck P

Good exam service and help provided. I found the writing exam the hardest but managed to pass my resit. Speaking exam is fine and reading not too bad either

Reviewed: Functional Skills English Level 2 Online Exam
Mrs Barraclough

Comprehensive in its coverage of the GCSE maths curriculum. Useful to have a separate answer book. A bit cheaper and it would get 5 stars from me, but still worth the spend.

Reviewed: GCSE Maths Revision Guide
Daisy Allen

the workbook is exceptional as it explains each bit in a very logical way making it easy to understand and then follows up with worked examples before giving you practice questions to do. All the other bits of the course are useful as well.

Reviewed: Course in a Box – GCSE Maths (Guaranteed Pass)

All good

Reviewed: GCSE Maths Revision Cards
Mrs Humphreys

Exceptional service from the beginning. We were reassured that the first lesson was guaranteed by the company and that we had no contracts to sign so we could cancel at any time. The lessons are personalised to each student and our daughters algebra skills improved from the first lesson. Highly professional and we highly recommend the maths tuition.

Reviewed: tuition (online)

We are really pleased with how the online maths tuition is going. We weren't sure how it worked but the video calling and whiteboard make the tuition like face to face.

Reviewed: tuition (online)

Having never tried online tuition before we weren't sure. The maths tutor contacted us directly for an initial chat and he asked all the right questions. The first 4 lessons have been really productive and we are happy to now recommend this service to anyone looking for a GCSE maths tutor.

Reviewed: tuition (online)

I needed to pass my Equivalency maths exam in order to start my PGCE course in September. Oliver and his team made this process very comfortable and easy! Received my results within the same week.

Thanks again MME!

Reviewed: tuition (online)
K Goata

We are very pleased with the progress our son has been making outside of school. His maths has moved up from a level 3 to a level 5 over the course of 3 months. The assessment and feedback is much appreciated. We are looking forward to resuming the lessons after our holiday.

Reviewed: tuition (online)
Mollie Smaller

As I am sure many parents agree, online tuition isn't my first choice but I have been very pleasantly surprised. My son is an independent learner and found it difficult asking for help in the first place. With with the Corona Virus episode playing out in front of us, he fell further behind with his maths studies, with him really struggling to understand some of the core concepts that underpin the subject. Within 3 lessons his outlook was transformed, so much so he has now agreed to continue with his GCSE lessons over the summer ready for year 11. I am ecstatic with this outcome and will happily recommend Maths Made Easy to all.

Reviewed: tuition (online)

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Tuition is always 1-2-1 and tutors will travel to your house for no additional charge.

All our maths tutors are qualified, experienced and DBS checked.

No contract - You are not tied in, lessons are on a pay as you go basis and start from £30 p/h. If you or your child don’t connect with the tutor simply contact us to cancel.

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Payment is made directly to the tutor after your first lesson by whichever method you think is best. Tuition starts from £30 per lesson.

About our Maths tutors in Wetherby

About Our Maths Tutors in Wetherby

Welcome to the maths tutors in Wetherby page where you can find an expert maths tutor in the local Wetherby area. We have maths tutors for KS1, KS2, KS3, GCSE and A-Level maths in Wetherby and the surrounding locations. All of our maths tutors have an up to date DBS and years of tutoring or teaching experience. Unlike other tutoring platforms we handpick the tutors that work through our service and from hundreds of applications we only select the people with the very best experience in each local area and our Wetherby branch is no different. All of our maths tutors plan their lessons meticulously and devise them to help the individual student they are tutoring. To help with this we provide the very best maths resources through our platform. Therefore, whether you are looking for a GCSE maths tutor in Wetherby or an A Level maths tutor in Harrogate, contact Maths Made Easy today. 

Wetherby has only got one secondary school, which is Wetherby High School. The School has students from Wetherby as well as children from the local villages such as Kirk Deighton, Spofforth and Collingham. Maths Made Easy has provided maths tuition to students at Wetherby High School for a number of years, helping them to obtain excellent grades. There are a number of primary schools in Wetherby, including Deighton Gates, St Joseph’s Catholic, Crossley Street and St James C of E primary school. Maths Made Easy can offer KS1 and KS2 Maths tuition as well as tutors who specialise in delivering tuition for the year 6 SATs. If you would like to book a KS2, KS3, GCSE or an A-Level Maths tutor in Wetherby, contact Maths Made Easy in today.

What our Wetherby Maths Tutors offer:

Wetherby Maths Tutors Near Me

All of our maths tutors are local to Wetherby. This gives them a huge advantage as they know which exam board’s local Wetherby schools cover and they can travel to you to provide the tuition.

One to one private maths tuition in Wetherby

We offer face to face maths tutor in Wetherby. All of our maths tutors are experienced, DBS checked and are qualified to tutor. We don’t allow student or unqualified tutors to join our team.

DBS Checked and Qualified Maths Tutors in Wetherby

Unlike other agencies, all of our maths tutors in Wetherby are DBS checked and qualified. We only offer the very best private maths tuition from the very best people. Whether you are looking for a GCSE Maths tutor in Wetherby, A Level Maths tuition or a primary school maths teacher, Maths Made Easy can help.

Expert maths resources

Alongside our expert maths tuition in Wetherby, we also provide free maths resources for KS2, KS3, GCSE and A Level maths. Whether you are searching for an expert maths tutor in Wetherby or require free revision materials, Maths Made Easy can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I live in Boston Spa, will a maths tutor to travel to me?

Maths Made Easy in Wetherby is able to provide expert Maths tutors that can travel to the home of students for no additional cost. 

Are all of your maths tutors experienced?

Yes all of our maths tutors in Wetherby are experienced tutors or teachers.

How do I select the best maths tutor for my child?

We discuss with you your child’s needs and based on the information you provide and our in depth knowledge of our own tutors we select the best maths tutor for your child.

How long do the lessons last?

Usually the lessons last an hour but we do accommodate other requests where it is in the best interests of the student. 

100% Money Back Guarantee

Have a lesson with one of our expert tutors. If you are not happy with the lesson or you feel that you or your child didn't connect with the tutor, then simply let us know and we will provide a full refund for your first lesson.

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