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Maths Genie Predicted Papers

The Maths Genie Predicted Papers 2020 | GCSE Maths Exam Papers Predicted | Mark Schemes

Welcome to The Maths Genie Predicted papers 2020 page where our own genie has to come up with his best guest for the 2020 GCSE Maths exams. Take a look at our selection of maths predicted papers below and the corresponding mark schemes.

The Maths Genie Predicated Papers FAQ’s

Are The Maths Genie predicted papers 2020 suitable for my exam board? 

Yes, at MME we have designed The Maths Genie predicted papers using strict guidelines set by each exam board to ensure that the content within the papers are exam board specific. When selecting the past papers make sure they are for the exam board that your school uses. If you don’t see your exam board highlighted above then it means we haven’t built those predicted papers yet.

What are The Maths Genie predicted paper 2020 mark schemes like?

Our mark schemes are not just mark schemes, they are written solutions to help you understand how each question should be answered. As part of each GCSE Maths predicted paper pack, we also provide in depth mark schemes that work through each question step by step to ensure you can see how each marl is awarded.

Do you have other maths resources that I can use? 

Yes from maths revision cards, to GCSE Maths worksheets and exam questions, at MME we offer many maths resources to help students to revise and teachers to teach.

Who is The Maths Genie? 

The maths genie is a mystical character who has helped the MME team come up with the 2020 GCSE maths predicated paper set that you see on this page.