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Maths Gifts

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Maths Gifts

There are several general maths presents out there great for your maths teacher, a friend who loves maths or maybe even a student who hates maths but needs some encouragement. The following short list of maths presents should give you some ideas. All the products you see can either be bought via MME or direct through Amazon. Find your perfect maths gift today.

Maths Flashcards

The number 1 maths present for a student must be the Maths Made Easy revision cards. With packs available for all ages, they make an excellent maths present! If you are buying a maths gift for a friend, your child or another child then the maths cards should go down well with anyone who wants to improve their maths skills.  

Maths Coasters 

 If you are on a budget then these matts are a great little maths gift. Packed full of maths equations, your friend will remember the gift every time they have a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate!

Maths Mug 

Maths mug with a joke is a great maths gift either on its own or to go with the coasters mentioned above.

Love Maths Mug

The Love maths mug is a clever way of using graphs to spell the word love. All aspiring mathematicians will appreciate this maths gift and those who aren’t sure how the graphs are created using the given equations may be inspired to revise a little harder which can only be a good thing!

Maths Tote bag

This is a great maths gift for boy, girl, man or woman. A bag will always come in handy and with a quirky joke it will be sure to catch peoples attention, especially if they like maths!

Maths Clock Gift

With maths equations in place of each number, this clock will be the delight of any enthusiastic mathematician.