Maths for A Level Biology

20th November 2017

At Maths Made Easy we cover all three core subjects from KS1 up to A Level and we aim to provide you with the very best resources. As part of this we have developed exceptional A Level Biology resources and in particular we have given focus to Maths for A Level Biology because often A Level Biologists select A Levels other than Maths and therefore rely on skills picked up at GCSE which can be easily forgotten. If you are studying  A Level Biology and would like help with the Maths aspect of this, then continue to read this page and you will find great resources that should help.

The following list details the sort of Maths that you will be expected to know and links to resources that should be able to help.

  • Standard Form – You will need to be able to read standard form and convert into and from standard form. Also understanding the actual size of particular organelles is important. For instance, a mitochondrion would be measured in micrometers where as a virus would be measured in nanometres.
  • Powers and indices – Understanding and manipulating powers is important. Visit for more resources to help with your Maths for Biology.
  • Shapes – You will need to be able to calculate the area, perimeter and volume of shapes such as cones and spheres.
  • Units – As well as micrometers and nanometres you will also need to know how to convert from one unit to another so grams to kilograms for instance.
  • Statistical Tests – You will need to know how to interpret the results of a statistical test for your A Level Biology and possibly perform a test but you will be given the formulas and the variables so it is basic algebra substitution. Understanding the significance of a test result and why that test was selected is more important. See our practice worksheet, Maths for A Level Biology to practise things like standard deviation along with other required Maths questions and techniques.
  • Graphs and Data – There are many different types of graphs and data questions. You will need to know how to read and construct a histogram for your A Level Biology as well as interpret bar charts, line graphs, scatter graphs. Again see our Maths for A Level Biology worksheet for practice on many different types of graphs.
  • Algebra in A Level Biology – Other Maths for your A Level Biology includes understanding and using the Hardy-Weinberg principle calculations which requires algebra skills. There are other types of algebra questions that can come up but these will be limited to basic rearrangements and substitutions; however make sure your algebra is up to speed before you go into the exam.

There are different parts to the Maths for A Level Biology topic but we have covered most of the significant ones above and the rest can be found by visiting each of the exams boards individual specifications which can be accessed below.

AQA A level Biology 

OCR A Level Biology 

Edexcel A Level Biology