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My daughter found this very helpful, similar questions as the exams came up. Thank you

My daughter found this very useful, this helped her to recap all her maths learning prior to the exam. Highly recommended. Thank you!

These cards are great, simple and easy to use. D is able to use them independently, which supports and encourages confidence. Not too worried they aren’t in a nice box as if they are being used they wouldn’t be in the box and not having to get them out specifically means they are accessible to use.

Sarah - Verified Purchase of KS3 Maths Revision Cards

What is the pass mark for paper one non-calculator and calculator? the total mark is 64 what is the pass mark?

Mariam Yakoub Beshara Gebrail - Verified Purchase of Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Online Exam

Pure papers were fine, stats papers were not very good (ambiguous/unclear wording) and a couple questions that made straight up no sense. Overall decent but questionable value for money.

Kieran, Will and the customer support team of MME are one of the best I have come across. Such service is rare nowadays. We were sent wrong papers but the team dealt with the problems promptly and responded to every query I raised over email almost immediately. All my issues were resolved quickly. Definitely recommend them to everyone.

Kieran, Will and the customer support team of MME are one of the best I have come across. Such service is rare nowadays. We were sent wrong papers but the team dealt with the problems promptly and responded to every query I raised over email almost immediately. All my issues were resolved quickly. Definitely recommend them to everyone.

These GCSE maths predicted papers were exactly what I was hoping for.

great value for money

The papers were really useful for this years exams with the advance information and generally just a good way to revise. I am aiming for an A grade and I found the papers to be an accurate level of difficulty when compared to the exams I sat this year. They did feel a touch easier than the past papers but I think this is due to the fact the topic list is given so you know the type of question to expect. I am hoping the hard work reflects in my end result!

Jessica Carlisle - Verified Purchase of A Level Maths Predicted Papers 2022 (Advance Information)

These papers were invaluable in helping me with the 3 exams. The topics were spot on and level of difficulty accurate. I would definitely recommend to those next year

A very useful set of papers for those trying for the level 8-9 grades

Extremely useful practice for this years exams thanks again!

Fresh out the London needed to catch up on my maths, they don’t teach it I the RAF, cheers mate

Lt. Dan Davey - Verified Purchase of 20 Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Practice Papers

To be honest when I opened the package I was disappointed with the quality of the photocopying and stapling. I had paid over £12 (including p&p) for photocopying which must have cost pennies. I am happy with the level of questions but I expected something of better quality having paid the amount I did!

Peter Assinder - Verified Purchase of Level 9 GCSE Maths Papers 2022 (Advance Information)

Good level of difficulty presented through the papers. I found the mark schemes essential to understand where I had gone wrong. A good and worthwhile product!

Thank you

Really helpful set of the top grade questions. All questions based on advanced information, I suggest having them if aiming for top grades.

Content of the papers were good and delivery was quick. However, I've given it 3 stars because half of the questions were missing from the Biology paper 1. When I contacted MME, they responded quickly and said there had been an error with the printing and would send out another copy. All very good, but my daughter's exam is tomorrow. MME would not refund as it had been over 14 days. She had a quick glance through the papers when they arrived but preferred to do them before the exam rather than straight away and didn't see this error until then. 14 days is quite a short time if you want a refund so I would suggest checking everything through straight away. Disappointed about this.

Fantastic bundle and great service. Highly recommended company, very efficient and courteous. Diligent customer service.

I have found the papers to be exactly what is needed matching the exam board advance information and providing a suitable level of challenge and difficulty through out. All 3 sets have a good spread of questions types. I personally would have liked to have seen the mark schemes being built out a little, to show various methodologies for the more challenging questions, but this doesn't detract from the usefulness of the papers themselves.

These papers are excellent. The style of questioning is in line with AQA for all three sciences. The maths questions within the subject were needing a bit of rewording but that is a minor point. The mark scheme is very user friendly too. If you haven't got these for combined science then I thoroughly recommend getting them for practise for 2022 exams. A Bio, Chem and Phys teacher for 20years. NM

Excellent AQA papers in the correct style and format. Mark schemes and solutions also useful.

Brilliant resource just a little slow on shipping when compared to Amazon prime who get it there next day

Having taught for many years I have seen all sorts of resources from the good, the bad and the ugly. These definitely fit into the good category. The presentation is as expected and the question style and level of difficulty is correct. All in all I think these maths papers offer an excellent way for students to test themselves but also for teachers looking for a resource that isn't already duplicated online a million times for students to see like the past papers are.

These papers are good but they are far too easy. I feel that the predicted grade boundaries are slightly too low and don’t offer a realistic look into how you have done because they are only predicted. I think they are great for timed practice and trying some new questions out.

Very quick service and I'm really impressed with the types of questions and how they relate to the lists produced by the exam boards. Great for tutoring.

Elizabeth Markwick - Verified Purchase of GCSE Maths Predicted Papers 2022 (Advance Information)

Hello , hi . This is the BEST way to practice as you will always have an exam ahead of you whenever . I LOVE MME and think that it is a wonderful way to learn .

Emily Smith - Verified Purchase of 20 Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Practice Papers

Good resource thanks

Theresa Turner - Verified Purchase of 20 Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Practice Papers

Good questions, but too easy for me. If you are a level 8 or 9 student, don't bother and just get the level 9 set. I have 6 days until my exam, and these papers only really have up to 3/4 mark questions, missing out the higher ones.

In response to AA review: The advert quite clearly states these are for GCSE Combined Science. The GCSE combined science course from AQA is called Trilogy - Combined Science. If these papers were for Triple Science then there would be separate Biology, Chemistry and Physics Papers and also it would be called AQA GCSE Triple Science. Thanks.

It is WONDERFUL , this website . I have recommended it to my friends and all agree . It has put me ahead of my SAT's and now I am MUCH MUCH MUCH more confident . Thank you so much . 🤗🤗🤗

Jade Smith Taramethupe - Verified Purchase of 20 Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Practice Papers

Perfect. Exactly what I wanted for practice for the 2022 exams based on the Advance Information released by Edexcel

Does what it says

MathsME2017 - Verified Purchase of Times Table Flash Cards

The extracts are very challenging compared to the ones that you actually get in the exam.

takes too long to be delivered.

Misleading title if you are doing triples science. Only good for combined science. Tried to return but they didn't offer return postage despite that the advert is misleading

It should be made abundantly clear at point of sale that these must be not be photocopied. I would have avoided these like the plague if I knew I could not copy them for my students.

I have used with my children. Really useful and with good coverage per advance information.

very good, very nice

The content is challenging and finds a different view for the students to answer familiar questions. As a 1:1Tutor though I find it hard looking over the shoulder at the questions and I will Oder additional copies next time.

A really great set of resources to use in the run up to final exams. Perhaps slightly more challenging texts than AQA have chosen so ideal for candidates aiming for the higher grades. The only thing missing is the brief contextual overviews that appear above the extracts in the exam. Perhaps these could be added for future series.

Perfect way to practice for the exam. Everyone knows exam papers are the best revision!

Good papers, really helpful. I think the questions could have been written a bit clearer and I'm not the biggest fan of the layout but for the price would 100% recommend.

As a retired physics teacher and examiner I can only really comment on the physics (higher tier) papers. I thought that they gave a good coverage of the spec with questions at an appropriate level. Should provide useful revision material in the absence of past papers. Just one criticism: paper 1 q 5.2 we usually say 'the ball has a mass of 300 g' not 'weighs 300 g' it would also be more appropriate to calculate the answer to 2 sig figs.

Teaches you all you need to know to pass the exam

Ursula - Verified Purchase of Functional Skills English Level 2 Course

Excellent and we'll written papers. These have provided my son with the right level of challenge. The are completely tailored to the 2022 pre release information. This is really useful because other past paper questions are not as useful this year.

Just like the actual AQA exam papers in terms of how they look and the question types as well

Biology, Chemistry and Physics papers in the AQA format with 2 papers per subject. The mock papers and mark schemes do look like the actual past papers and the questions appear to be all original. Happy to recommend to others looking for science resources for this years exams


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