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Maths Tutor in Accrington
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Versatile, enthusiastic, passionate and hard-working Maths teacher in Burnley with solid university education, excellent teaching experience working with adults, strong personal skills and excellent knowledge of mathematics, who always perseveres to achieve the best results. Seeking a role within an education sector to develop proven skills to manage the classroom to the highest standard and delivering lessons by including every learner during the session.

Maths GCSE

My tutoring approach is vey simple and flexible which can easily be adopted by any learner. I start my first lesson with a diagnostic assessment where I find out the strengths and weaknesses of the learner. Once I know the strength and weaknesses, I mainly work on the weak areas of the learner, encouraging the learner to ask questions, make my lesson plans according to the requirements of the learner, advise the learner to solve each problem step-by -step and guide them towards the correct answer.


Worked at The Manchester College as a Trainee teacher where I have developed a variety of teaching strategies and methods to maximise learning through practical teaching experience, presentations, assignments, one-to-one, whole group teaching, small group teaching, blended learning and independent learning. Also enhanced a broad range of transferrable skills including team work, communication, problem solving and decision making skills. Also worked as a GCSE maths Lecturer at The Manchester College where my duties are given below: • Teaching new GCSE Maths (9-1) to 14-16 years and adult learners. • Making sure every learner is provided with essential skills to pass GCSE maths exam. • Providing new learner with diagnostic assessments and enrolling them on the basis of diagnostic assessment’s result. • Encouraging learners to ask questions, listening to them and asking questions to check their skills. • Working collaboratively with other maths teachers, line manager and head of Maths. • Making lesson plans, preparing differentiated worksheets according to the different ability of each learner, providing an extension task to the fast learners and extra support to emerging learners. • Providing an assessment at the end of each term and giving feedback of the results. • Monitoring the performance and attendance record of each learner in the college system.

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Call 020 3633 5145 to arrange a lesson with Ali