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I'm a former University Researcher (working on AI and Data Networking), and Software Engineer (developing Web software). I've 4 children, now aged 25,23,21 and 16. I got into tutoring through helping my kids get through their GCSEs and A levels. They told their friends, and soon I was helping them too. I soon realised that tutoring was a great option for me. It gives me an outlet for my maths expertise, and I get the satisfaction of sharing my passion for maths with new students.

Maths A Level

My approach to tutorials is friendly and informal. I focus on past papers, using real exam questions to determine any knowledge gaps and misunderstandings. I then tailor the explanation to suit the student, concentrating on encouraging them to discover the result (with guidance where necessary). I encourage my students to create a neatly bound portfolio of completed past papers. This provides a valuable revision resource. For A level, I've developed some simple to understand ways of explaining things like the circle equation, pythagorean identities, trigonometric functions, definition of e, product, quotient formula, integrating by parts, why Definite Integration gives the area under the curve, etc.. Regarding GCSE. I recommend the CGP revision guide. This provides a well laid out, easy to read resource For GCSE, I've developed some simple to understand ways of explaining things like why the angles in a triangle add up to 180°, how to prove Pythagoras' Theorem with a drawing (well, and some algebra!), linking BIDMAS rules to solve equations, using graphics apps to understand simultaneous equations, quadratic curves, and function transformations, proving circle theorems with drawings (ok, with a tiny bit of algebra), easy tips for solving ratio and conversion problems, how to set out long Numeracy problems, etc..


I'm in my 6th successful year of maths tuition, and there are plenty of testimonials from previous students, including these: “ * got 4 A*s so thank you for all your amazing support, patience and giving confidence!!” “ * got a B in his maths, so thanks for all your help. Considering before you were teaching him he was bordering on an E grade. Great job.” “...Just want to say a massive thank you for all your help as I got a B today so I've got a place at University. Thank you again!” “I cashed in a B in maths. With two a's in c2 and c4 so over the moon. Thank you for your tutoring it did help a lot especially towards the end.” “...just wanted to let you know that xxxx got a B in Maths and he is delighted – thanks for all your help :)” “...I got a C in maths (A Level sic) overall!!! Last year I got an E so I want to thank you so much! I wouldn't of been able to achieve what I got today without you!... A in stats, B in mechanics.”

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