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About Stephen

I am an experienced GCSE Maths tutor in Leeds. I have taught students for 20 years in and around the local Leeds area. I teach from Reception up to GCSE level Maths. I have a wealth of experience that I am always looking to share with new pupils.

Maths GCSE
KS1 and KS2

I follow the national curriculum. I guide students through various books based on their level of ability. All students obtain weekly homework based on the previous lesson I generally offer 1 to 1 tuition of hourly sessions and often go through school homework as part of my lesson plans if a student is clearly struggling to keep up with the level of work in class. If a student is excelling and they are aiming for higher levels for instance in their GCSE Maths, then I will look to cover material with them that will push their abilities. If you are searching for a Maths tutor in Leeds please consider me.


I am a qualified tutor with a degree plus many teaching and safeguarding qualifications. I have taught GCSE Maths in Leeds for many years and I look to pull on this experience when tutoring new students who come to me with similar problems. Having seen so many students experience the same challenges I feel like I have a number of methods to help students overcome these difficulties.

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