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About Richard

I am a maths tutor with over 25 years’ experience of training, coaching and teaching both adults and children.
I love to work with individuals on a one-to-one basis because this allows me to tailor each session around the needs of the student. This focus enables individuals to make fantastic progress in terms of technical skills and confidence. I also work as an online maths tutor. 

Maths Adult / casual learner
KS1 and KS2

My tutoring approach is based upon the following principles:
• The human brain has an amazing capacity to understand mathematical ideas and problems, it just takes some of us longer to tap into these skills.
• It is fun to use our maths skills to understand events around us and solve practical problems.
• Practice is key to success in maths.
• Success builds confidence and confidence brings more success.
It is my job to create the environment where each mathematician can practise maths which is relevant and fun and can translate their success in our sessions to great results in their academic work.


I work at all levels from primary to GCSE maths. My specialism however is working with students who have not yet found their inner mathematician and require a patient and confidence-building tutor to help them reach their potential. I am an experienced online maths tutor, so whether you require a KS2 maths tutor or an online GCSE maths tutor I can help. 

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