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At Maths Made Easy we have a professional team of maths tutors in Wakefield, all of whom are DBS checked...

Maths Made Easy Team 9 January 2019
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At Maths Made Easy we have a professional team of maths tutors in Wakefield, all of whom are DBS checked and qualified. We also only work with maths tutors who have an excellent record of success and have great feedback from previous students. We are unlike some of the local tuition agencies in the area as we focus primarily on maths tuition. We are also a little different to national tuition websites that offer ‘cheap tutoring’ from unqualified non DBS checked tutors. Tuition is one of those things that you tend to get what you pay for. We charge a fair price for high quality one to one tuition. We don’t offer group lessons or cheap tutoring with student tutors, all of our maths tutors are experienced and qualified. If you are thinking about private tuition and you would like to discuss your child’s specific needs then give us a call. If you are happy to go ahead and book a maths tutor n Wakefield then let us know and your child could be receiving their first lesson in a matter of days. 

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