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Area of a Triangle

The area of a triangle is a broader topic than you may initially first think, simply because there are different types of triangles, different ways to calculate the area and different applications of this. Finding the area of a triangle is useful in both maths and engineering subjects. The following list of resources covers many contexts in which finding the area of a triangle is useful.

KS2 Area of a Triangle

At Key stage two it is important that area is introduced and covered in a more simplistic way. Therefore to begin with we would suggest teaching children to understand how to calculate the area of rectangles and squares before moving onto triangles. The worksheets for this can be found below.

– Year 5 – Area of rectangles and squares – worded 

KS3 Area of a Triangle

At KS3 there are more types of triangle questions and understanding how to answer these questions within context is crucial. The following areas of shapes worksheet covers areas of triangles along with other shapes.

– Areas of Shapes 

GCSE Maths Area of a Triangle

At GCSE level the area of a triangle becomes much more important as there are more topics and subtopics that require this knowledge and it is applied to a number of different contexts and question types. For students looking for triangle revision materials and tutors looking for triangle resources then the following list should be very useful.

– Areas of Shapes

– Volumes of 3D shapes

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