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Exponents are a topic which first appear at the end of key stage two and then they progress into KS3 and GCSE where indices rules then come into effect. The following list of topics works through the maths curriculum and highlights where exponents and exponent rules are covered. Starting with key stage 3 exponents working all the way up to GCSE exponents, you will find each topic and subtopic below. Whether you are looking for exponent worksheets, exponent resources or just general revision materials, you will find everything you need in the list below.

– Understanding Exponents (Powers) 

– Evaluating Exponents 

– Evaluating Exponents with Fractional Bases

– Evaluating Exponents for Decimals 

– Negative Exponents 

– Exponent with Powers 

– Division with Exponents

– Multiplication with Exponents 

– Finding the Missing Exponent 

– Understanding negative exponents (powers) and reciprocals 

– Powers and Roots 

Whether you are a student looking to revise exponents or a teacher looking for exponent resources, this dedicated page will help you to find what you are looking for. Browse the exponent revision materials above and find the resources you require.

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