Factorising is a topic that many students find difficult to begin with but like anything in maths, with plenty of practise it becomes much easier.  Factorising is first introduced into the maths syllabus at key stage three where you learn it as a method without seeing much use to it. At GCSE level factorising is put to use to help solve quadratic equations. At Maths Made Easy we have a developed a series of revision aids to help students to overcome the difficulties with factorising and related topics. In addition to these we also have factorising resources, worksheets and practice questions to help teachers and tutors to prepare lessons. Use the following list below to access factorising worksheets and resources:

KS3 factorising topics

At KS3 factorising is introduced with basic algebra expressions. This is where the fundamental skill to help students to factorise is developed. The following link will take you to a page where factorising worksheets and factorising practice questions can be accessed.

– Factorising algebra expressions 

GCSE Maths Factorising Topics

At GCSE level factorising starts to become a little more tricky but also more useful. Not only are students asked to factorise but they are also asked to factorise to help solve quadratic equations and to help simplify algebraic expressions. Find a full list of topics below that either require or involve factorising. Click through the topic and find worksheets and factorising resources to help students revise and teachers to plan lessons and set homework.

– Simplifying algebraic fractions often require factorising. 

– Factorising quadratics 

– Factorising harder quadratics 

– Solving quadratics by factorising  

– Rearranging formulas can sometimes require a factorising step, especially in the more difficult examples 

A level Maths Factorising

At A level, factorising becomes an important part of many topics. For a full list of A-level maths topics including those that cover factorising then please visit the dedicated page. https://mathsmadeeasy.co.uk/a-level-maths-revision/

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