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Fractions is one of the most popular maths topics and is covered in school from when you are about 6 or 7 years old all the way through the education system and it doesn’t stop there. As adults it is really important to have a solid understanding of fractions to help you when doing everyday things like shopping and household bills. The following fraction resources cover what people need to know at each level of the education system.

KS3 Fractions

At KS3 fractions start to get a little trickier and they appear in a wide range of topics and subtopics. Whether you are a teacher looking for KS3 fraction resources or a student looking to revise fractions, then the following list of fraction subtopics will be useful. Each link will direct you to a dedicated fractions page where you will be able to find worksheets, questions and notes relating to that specific type of fraction subtopic.

– Fractions Grades 1-4 

– Fractions and Recurring Decimals 

GCSE Fractions

At GCSE level fractions begin to get a little trickier as they are applied to even more contexts and scenarios. You will see this in the resource list below, not all topics are direct fraction topics but the ones that aren’t require the use of fractions in a very competent manner. When students try some of the more difficult topics like algebraic fractions it is often the basic fraction rules that prevent them from being able to conquer these more difficult areas of the GCSE Maths course. Fortunately we have a whole host of fraction revision materials that you can use to help you prepare for your exams. If you are a teacher or tutor looking for GCSE fraction resources then you will find the list below very useful as well.

– Fractions and Recurring Decimals 

– Fractions Grades 1-4 

– Algebraic Fractions

– Coordinates and Ratios 

– Rules of Indices

– Vectors 

A Level Maths Fractions

Fractions at A Level is not really a topic on its own; however there are many topics which require the use of fractions and understanding them in the context of indices and algebra where there are frequent uses of fractional powers, is very useful indeed. To find a full list of A Level maths resources see the link below.

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