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Percentages are one of the staples of maths and everyday life. It doesn’t matter if you work a professional job or you are still at school you will come into contact with percentages nearly every day of your life. From 10% off sales to the percentage interest people pay on credit cards, percentages are everywhere! Understanding percentages is therefore crucial.


The following list will introduce the different types of percentages:

– Calculating a percentage of something: This is where you calculate say 50% of 200 which is 100. This is a typical percentage.

– Calculating a percentage:For example, if a student scores 45 out of 60 on a maths test, they would achieve 75%.

– Percentage increase/decrease: The amount something increases/decreases by, represented as a percentage.

– Percentage change: The amount something changes by, represented as a percentage.

The following percentage related topics are what are covered within the national maths curriculum, but again they can all be applied to real life situations such as credit cards and bank interest.

KS2 Percentages

Key Stage Two percentages is where it all begins. Students at this age are introduced into the topic of percentages within contexts they understand, so if I eat half a pizza what percent would this be. Once they grasp the concept of percentages it is quickly moved into the abstract where all you are dealing with is numbers and words. The following KS2 Percentage resources cover the areas of the curriculum that are essential to understanding this topic. Access the percentage worksheets and resources by clicking the links below.

– Year 5 – Changing percentages into decimals

– Year 5 – Changing percentages into fractions

– Year 6 – Percentages of Whole Numbers

KS3 and GCSE Percentages

At key stage three and GCSE, percentages start to become a little more challenging as they build on the assumed knowledge from earlier years, which is why it is so important to have this fundamental knowledge is embedded at a young age as this will be built on as each academic year progresses. The following list of percentage revision materials are links to resources that students can use to revise and teachers can use to help prepare lessons and homework. Click on some of the links and cover the specific area of percentages that you are looking for.

– General percentage questions and worksheet 

– Fractions, decimals and percentage worksheet

– More Fractions, decimals and percentage questions

– Compound Interest 

– Depreciation

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