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Ratios are a very important topic that appears in the British maths curriculum as early as primary school for the more abled students. The knowledge at this level is then built on in each successive year where ratio’s become more and more important and are covered across multiple topic areas. By the GCSE year ratio questions represent 20% of the final mark for the GCSE exams so they are more significant than ever.


Based on the new GCSE maths exams, if a student got 100% on all the ratio related questions but didn’t answer another questions correct they could still actually pass their exam purely based on having a full understanding on ratios alone. This is not suggesting that students should only focus on ratio, obviously not, but it is more important than many people think and it does cross over with many other question types. 

KS3 Ratio Topics

The update key stage 3 curriculum gives more prominence to ratios as the understanding of them is key before moving into the GCSE years. The following ratio resources provide examples of ratio worksheets and practice questions to help students to revise and teachers to prepare lessons and homework.

– Solving ratios for X 

– Comparing equivalent ratios 

GCSE Maths Ratio Topics

At GCSE, ratio is a much more difficult topic as it is covered as a standalone area of maths but it also comes into many other topics and exam questions. Since the introduction of the new GCSE Maths syllabus back in 2015, ratios have been a lot more prominent in the exam board specifications but also the exam papers, with around 20% of the marks being awarded for ratio related questions. The following topics will enable you to revise ratios and see the different types of questions in which they appear in. Practising the application of ratio in exam style questions is essential to cement the understanding and to get students ready for the maths exams. Whether you are a student looking for ratio revision materials or a teacher looking for ratio resources, the following list should be useful.

– Ratio

– Conversions 

– Coordinates and Ratios 

– Similar Shapes and Enlargements 

A Level Maths Ratio Topics

At A level ratios are not a topic on their own but are incorporated into many topic areas and come up in many different types of exam questions. To revise ratio and many other A Level maths topics please visit our dedicated A level maths page.

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