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Whether you are looking for an iOS maths app or an android maths app you will find it on this dedicated page. For those looking to download the Nudge maths app you will also be able to access it from here. At Maths Made Easy we look to help every student with their maths whilst providing resources and materials for teachers to use, the maths apps we recommend contribute to this.

Maths apps can be extremely effective in helping children of all ages to engage with maths. At Maths Made Easy we have trialled some maths apps and have come up with a few suggestions for children, parents and adult learners to use. It can be difficult to get children to really enjoy maths if it isn’t their thing but if they see their time learning as fun then they are much more likely to participate and be proactive about their learning. Maths apps can be a great way of introducing younger children to maths and embedding fundamental knowledge, making the association between learning and fun at an early age. Maths apps can also be used for older children who are obsessed with screens and rather trying to force them to revise from a book, it may be more productive to let them use their screens for something a little more worthwhile, learning maths! The following maths apps are just a small selection of apps that we think are user friendly and useful when it comes to getting children to learn more maths.

1. Nudge maths app

The nudge maths app is about to be released on to the apps store. Nudge covers core maths skills from age 6 all the way up to 16. It enables parents to link screen time and pocket money to success answering maths questions. The more questions a student gets right, the more screen time they earn. We think the nudge maths app is a great way to get children more engaged with learning maths. You can find the nudge maths app in the following stores:

Google Play Store

Apple App Store

2. Komodo maths app

This is a relatively new app but it is quite an interesting one that is aimed at primary aged students. It covers the vast majority of the primary maths curriculum and is quite an interesting app that younger children are likely to find enticing. With the use of characters, music and animation, the komodo maths app is pitched correctly for its intended audience. The only downsides with the app is the lack of reporting and functionality is quite basic.

Google Play Store Apple App Store

3. IXL maths app

This maths app is the most used out of all of them and most likely because it is produced and marketed in America. The app is full of content that has been professionally set out and it works through the different ages in an age appropriate way. It’s biggest downside for a UK audience is the fact that it is an American maths app which uses American based terms that students in the UK education system wouldn’t necessarily recognise. However this said, there aren’t that many terms and there is a lot of very useful content that covers a large part of the UK maths curriculum. If you are looking for a content packed maths app then this may be the one for you.

Google Play Store Apple App Store

If you are looking for a fun and engaging maths app for children of all ages, or even for adult learners, then stay tuned into the Maths Made Easy dedicated maths app page as we will be looking at more apps shortly including a list of the best 10 maths apps.