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This maths games page gives suggestions for websites where you can find the best free maths games and download maths apps. Maths games for kids can be a great way to engage children with maths and get them interested. Find a full list of recommended maths games and apps below. Maths Made Easy, making maths fun and more engaging for all!

This is a dedicated page to maths games. Engaging children with educational resources can be quite difficult sometimes but maths games and apps are making this task easier. We all know children love screen time and rather than spending it procrastinating on YouTube, the time would be much better spent playing educational maths games via an app or even interactive board games for younger children who are being introduced into maths. The following list of maths games and educational apps are a selection of a few that we would recommend.

1. Nudge maths app

The nudge maths app is about to be released on to the apps store. Nudge covers core maths skills from age 6 all the way up to 16. It enables parents to link screen time and pocket money to success answering maths questions. The more questions a student gets right, the more screen time they earn. We think the nudge maths app is a great way to get children more engaged with learning maths.

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2. Top Marks maths game

For a slightly younger audience there is always Top Marks. Top marks have a host of maths games aimed at 5 to 7 year olds. The games are fun and engaging and are a great way to introduce the basic maths concepts to younger children.

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3. Math playground

Math playground is a website that covers the American syllabus but for core maths topics like, counting, numbers, multiplication, division and basic alegbra, these all apply to the Welsh, Scottish and English curriculum so the games are still relevant. These games are more animated and interactive so are likely to engage children for longer but because their relevance to UK curriculums reduces at the older ages, it only makes number 3 in our list.

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There are plenty of maths games and educational apps out there to help children enjoy maths and learn the key skills that also help in other subjects such as science and technology. Keep visiting our dedicated maths game page for updates and new educational apps! Come back soon to see our top 10 maths games reviews which we will be publishing shortly.