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National 5 maths is the main maths qualification taken in Scotland yet there are so few maths revision materials and...

Maths Made Easy Team 26 June 2019
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National 5 maths is the main maths qualification taken in Scotland yet there are so few maths revision materials and resources for this, until now. Maths Made Easy is on a mission to help each and every student sitting the SQA national 5 maths exam papers, to prepare effectively through the use of relevant revision materials. The national 5 maths exams are difficult and there is a general lack of materials that are made specifically for students sitting the higher maths papers. The following is how Maths Made Easy is helping: 

1. We are building a dedicated national 5 maths resource page where students, teachers and tutors can go to in order to find relevant resources. From worksheets to explanations, every single national 5 maths topic will be covered in great depth with numerous revision materials to support learning. 

2. In addition to our own topic revision pages we will also link to the higher maths past paper pages that the SQA exam board provide. From here you will be able to access all of the national 5 maths past papers and mark schemes to make revising easier. It will also make teaching and tutoring national 5 maths easier because all of the key resources will be in one place which is easier to use and easy to refer students to. 

3. A dedicated support service for those looking for support. We are building a team of national 5 maths tutors to help Scottish students to prepare for their Scottish Qualifications Authority National 5 Mathematics exams. If you are looking for an N5 maths tutor then Maths Made Easy is the service for you. 

At Maths Made Easy we will continue to develop our support for the n5 maths curriculum through the creation of dedicated resources and services. 

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