The New A Level Maths Course

17th January 2018

The new A Level Maths course was first introduced in 2017 being the last A Level to be reformed and it is quite a shake up from the old A Level. Students previously had the 4 core Maths modules with the choice of two optional modules and what most schools did was choose for the students to ensure they had the teaching expertise to deliver the modules. What would often happen is that schools would select Statistics 1 and Statistics 2 and ensure they had a Maths teacher who was competent with statistics. However, with the new A Level Maths structure, the compulsory exams contain core Maths, statistics and mechanics so some schools are now in a position where they are teaching areas of Maths that they haven’t taught in a number of years or in some cases never taught at all! On top of this there is a shortage of qualified Maths teachers especially at A Level. This is why at Maths Made Easy we have made it our priority to develop new A Level Maths resources to help students, tutors and teachers as much as possible to overcome the challenges presented by the new course.

In addition to the A Level Maths revision materials we have developed we have also sourced A Level Maths specimen papers for the new course so that all of the resources are in one convenient place. The old AQA A Level Maths past papers can also be accessed, as although the course structure has changed significantly there are many core Maths topics which remain unchanged and so the old papers still offer a good practise for the new course.

From proof by contradiction to parametric equations there are many new A Level Maths topics that are covered by our worksheets and revision materials. The full list of new topics are listed below and to access the corresponding worksheets, simply click on the links.

  1. Proof by contradiction
  2. Understand and use proportional relationships
  3. Newton-Raphson Method
  4. Parametric equations
  5. Double angle formulae
  6. Standard small angle
  7. Sin, Cos and Tan multiples
  8. Clearing data
  9. Correlation
  10. Appropriate probability distributions
  11. Sampling techniques
  12. Single variable data and histograms
  13. Large Data Sets AQA A Level Maths
  14. Understanding the large data set for Edexcel exam board
  15. Outliers and cleaning data for OCR exam board
  16. OCR Pearson’s correlation
  17. SI units for OCR A Level Maths
  18. OCR Understanding the large data set

At Maths Made Easy we look to help in other ways such as providing exam solutions and private academic tuition for those who require it. Whether you are searching for an A Level Maths tutor in Leeds or you want some A Level Maths tuition in York, we can help.