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Welcome to the new Maths Made Easy Blog. In August 2017 Mr David Weeks transferred the website into new ownership....

Maths Made Easy Team 5 September 2017
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Welcome to the new Maths Made Easy Blog. In August 2017 Mr David Weeks transferred the website into new ownership. We, Complete Tuition, are the new managers of the website and content. We are a small group of professional academics who have been working with resources for a number of years. We have a small but dedicated team of expert content developers alongside website developers who together are working really hard to build more content into the website. Currently the Maths Made Easy site looks pretty similar to how it did before but we are in the process of adding tonnes of new materials from GCSE Maths worksheets and tests to A Level Maths model solutions and much, much more. You will still be able to access all of the current materials but with a wealth of new free resources to help you or your children to learn online!

As well as new Maths content we also have Key Stage Three material and GCSE Science worksheets. All of our worksheets have been built by experts in the specific subjects and have been designed to help students all over the country progress their learning. Finally, watch out for the new website look; although it will work in a similar way the current website, it will be updated to make it even easier to navigate and find what you are looking for. Good look revising and remember practice means Maths is Made Easy!!!

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