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Numerical reasoning tests are often set by employers to help differentiate between candidates. They are used in a wide range of job roles and professions not necessarily maths related. Although the numerical reasoning tests are evidently maths based they are what is called a competency test and are used to help narrow down the field of potential candidates for popular and competitive job roles. Many people find numerical reasoning tests very challenging and it isn’t usually because the maths is too difficult it is more because the timing and pressure aspect of the test and the amount of time that has to be spent calculating each question. This dedicated numerical reasoning test page goes through many of the top graduate jobs and professions that require you to pass a numerical reasoning test. If you click through the links of each job role you can access specific pages which have been set up to help you prepare for each individual numerical reasoning test.

To help you prepare you can also have a go at a free numerical reasoning test

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Graduate numerical reasoning tests

The following list of graduate employers highlights all of the graduate schemes that require candidates to pass a numerical reasoning test. If you click through the link of an individual employer you will land on a dedicated page for their numerical reasoning test and will be able to access free resources to help you prepare and pass. Because the tests are very difficult some people opt for the additional specialist support from a numerical reasoning tutor.

Whether you are looking for a numerical reasoning tutor or you just want some numerical reasoning practice tests, then the following links will help you to find what you are looking for.

Aldi Numerical Reasoning Test

Barclays Numerical Reasoning Test

BBC Numerical Reasoning Test

British Airways Numerical Reasoning Test

Boots Numerical Reasoning Test

GSK Numerical Reasoning Test

Lidl Numerical Reasoning Test

John Lewis Numerical Reasoning Test

L’Oreal Numerical Reasoning Test

KPMG Numerical Reasoning Test

Rolls Royce Numerical Reasoning Test

Santander Numerical Reasoning Test

Sky Numerical Reasoning Test

Tesco Numerical Reasoning Test

Unilever Numerical Reasoning Test

Professional Jobs that require you to pass the numerical reasoning test

The following professions are those which require candidates to pass a numerical reasoning test before progressing with their professional training. Failure to meet the required standards in the test and you will not be able to progress with your application.

Pilot and aviation numerical reasoning test

Army numerical reasoning test

Fire Service numerical reasoning test

Nursing numerical reasoning test

Prescription form clipped to pad lying on table with stethoscope twisted in heart shape. Medicine or pharmacy concept. Empty medical form ready to be used

Whichever numerical reasoning test you are preparing for make sure you get plenty of practice and if you are struggling to achieve above 60% consistently then definitely consider get the support of an expert numerical reasoning tutor.