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If you are looking for an online maths tutor then Maths Made Easy can help! How does online maths tuition...

Maths Made Easy Team 29 May 2019
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If you are looking for an online maths tutor then Maths Made Easy can help!

How does online maths tuition work? 

It depends on which tutor you get. Through Maths Made Easy our online tuition is always one to one and delivered in real time so that you can see and hear the tutor like you would if they were sat in the room. Our maths tutors also use an interactive whiteboard so that they can share worksheets and methods and also ask their students to solve questions that they display on the screen.


What are the benefits to online maths tuition?

There are three main benefits to online maths tuition:

1. It is more convenient and easier to set up.

2. Online tuition is cheaper as there are no travel expenses or travel time to take into consideration. 

3. Getting access to a senior maths tutor. You aren’t limited to the maths tutors in your area, if you live in a remote area the chances are you won’t have an experienced maths tutor close by. Additionally if you doing something like a GCSE maths resit. then you are more likely to get a specialist via online tuition. 


What are the disadvantages to online tuition?

The main disadvantage is that you spend more time looking at a screen which puts some students off, but if this doesn’t bother you then there is no reason not to go for online maths tuition. 


How do I book an online maths tutor

You can book an online maths tutor by completing a submission form on this page


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