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Welcome to the Maths Made Easy popular resources page. This page is a collection of the most useful pages and resources on our site for people to visit.


How to revise pages

How to revise: This dedicated page gives students insight into the different ways to revise and what common things people find useful.

Revision techniques: There are different techniques that people use to help them to motivate themselves to revise, see how through this page.

Revision tips: Tips and tricks for effective revision.

– Use the GCSE Maths predicted papers 2020.

– Using all the past papers to help you revise is a great bit of advice. In addition to this using the mark schemes and GCSE grade boundaries to help you determine what level you are working at is also a useful tip.


Primary Resources

Primary resources: This resource page directs you to all the best primary resources that Maths Made Easy has to offer.

KS2 SATs papers: Here you will find access to all of the KS2 SATs past papers.


General KS3 Resources

KS3 revision and resources: You can find many KS3 resources here and revision materials, especially for KS3 maths.

Nudge maths app: The nudge maths app can be found via this page.


General GCSE Revision

GCSE Grades: The new GCSE grading system came into effect back in 2015 with GCSE maths and English being the first subjects to be subjected to the 9-1 grading system. These grades are still causing students and parent’s confusion, so you can visit our GCSE grades page to get a full breakdown and what it all means.

New Maths Apps: Maths apps can be a great way to help engage children of all ages with maths.

Maths revision cards: These GCSE maths revision cards are perfect for helping students to revise for their GCSE maths exams by breaking each topic down into their key components.

Maths apps: Maths apps can be useful in getting GCSE students to engage in their exam revision.

GCSE maths revision guides: These are the staple of any student’s revision process. To find a selection of GCSE maths books and revision guides, follow the link to our dedicated page.


Topic Specific Maths Resources

Maths geometry revision: The geometry worksheets and practice questions on this dedicated page range from KS2 up to A level geometry.

Fraction questions and fraction worksheets: From an introduction to fractions all the way up to algebraic fractions, all aspects of fractions are covered.

– Area of a triangle: The area of a triangle is a topic that comes up all the way through secondary school maths, from areas of right angles to areas of equilateral triangles, there is a formula for each one which is learned at different stages of the curriculum.

GCSE Pythagoras: Pythagoras is one of the most common GCSE maths topics to appear in exams which is why it is crucial to revise.

Percentages: Knowing how to do percentages is not only important for GCSE maths but is also important for everyday life from understanding mortgages to credit cards, percentages are important.

Algebra: Algebra is possibly the most important topic in GCSE maths as it comes up in multiple topics and the skills you require for algebra are applicable to most other areas of the maths GCSE.

Vectors in maths: Vectors first appear in KS3 maths as part of transformations but they are expanded on at GCSE and even more so at A Level. This dedicated page takes you through all of the vector questions relevant to the maths curriculum.

Factorising in algebra: Factorising is covered in multiple areas of the KS3 and GCSE maths curriculum and is still a required skill at A Level. Whether you are looking to factorise quadratics or simple algebraic expressions, you can find plenty of practice questions on this page.

Ratio: This is one of the key topics at GCSE accounting for 20% of the exam questions in each paper. Ratios are first introduced at KS3 and are built up on each year. To access a full list of ratio worksheets and practice questions then visit the ratio page.

– Exponents: These are all about powers. Exponents are covered throughout the maths curriculum and are explained in more detail on our exponents page.

GCSE Equivalent Qualifications

Click here to see what Maths Made Easy offers for Maths equivalency Resources and Maths equivalency tuition.


Maths Tuition Services

Maths Tutors Near Me: The maths tutors near page enables parents to search for local maths tutors in their area. These maths tutors then travel to the home of the student to deliver in in person lessons.

Maths tutors in Leeds is the place to find primary maths tutors and tutors for students all the way up to A level. If you are looking for a private maths tutor in Leeds then this is where to go.

Maths tuition in London. We have maths tutors in london in multiple boroughs with a growing number of people choosing to use our specialist maths tuition service over the generic agencies that offer cheap tuition with unqualified tutors.

Maths tuition in Liverpool can be found on this dedicated page. All of the Liverpool maths tutors on this page are DBS checked, qualified and have extensive experience tutoring maths in Liverpool.

Birmingham maths tutors can be found here. All of the maths tutors in Birmingham on this dedicated page, are experienced and qualified.

Harrgoate English tutors. Harrogate Tutors is the best place to find a local Harrogate English tutor. With expert local knowledge of the schools and exam boards.

11 plus tutors in Skipton. 11 Plus tuition is popular in the small town of Skipton due to the two grammar schools, Ermysted’s and Skipton Girls’ High School. Skipton Tutors offer both 11 plus tuition and 11 plus mock exams.

York Maths Tutor is the place to find an expert maths tutor in York. From GCSE maths tuition to expert A Level maths tutors, York Maths Tutors provides it all.

York Science tutors can be found on the York Private Tutors website. They have expert science tutors and English tutors in York.

Tutor Jobs and teaching positions in your local area.

Online maths tutors and expert support for GCSE and A level maths exams.

GCSE Resits

– Maths Made easy provides tuition and resources for GCSE Maths Resits. Click here to all GCSE Maths Resit resources

– If you are resisting any GCSE Topics, take a look at Maths Made Easy GCSE Resit services

Maths for Adults 

GCSE Maths For AdultsClick here to see all the resources Maths Made Easy has to offer for GCSE Maths for adults.

Adult Maths CoursesClick here to find out about Maths Made Easy’s Tuition options for Adult Maths Courses.

Functional Skills Maths Level 2 tuition and resources

Functional skills tutor and support for both the functional skills maths and English tests.

GCSE Equivalency tests and support for the equivalent examinations including exam entry.

Functional skills maths level 1 past papers and functional skills maths level 2 past papers.

– General past papers for functional skills tests.

Recommended Maths Made Easy Blogs

How to become a tutor: This blog details the steps required to set up as a tutor, what you have to do in order to get a tutor DBS check and other specific steps you need to take. If you are wondering how to become a tutor, whether that is for maths, English or Science, then give this blog a read.

Maths skills for A level Biology

SQA Past Papers and National 5 Maths

– The national 5 maths qualification is the Scottish equivalent of the GCSE. At Maths Made Easy we have a whole host of resources for the national 5 maths exams. From linking to the SQA past papers to the higher maths practice papers, our national 5 maths resources really do help students to prepare for their exams. In addition to this we have a number of national 5 maths teaching resources to help teachers prepare lessons.

– Visit our dedicated national 5 maths page to find N5 maths worksheets, practice questions and past papers.