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Presents For Maths Teachers

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Gifts For Maths Teachers

There comes a time when students and parents want to buy presents for maths teachers and the question is what do you get? You may have a maths teacher who has helped you out a lot over the academic year, or it may be a private maths tutor who has given you the extra support, either way the list of presents for maths teachers below are all suitable suggestions:

Maths Mugs

The perfect gift for maths teachers. A maths mug is always a great fun gift to give to a teacher which is why it makes it to number 1 in our list. The selection of maths mugs below should give you some good ideas of what to buy. Simply click on the buy now button or the image of your choice to buy the maths mug through Amazon.

Maths Teacher Mug

The Love maths mug is one of our favourites and will certainly be appreciated by a maths teacher! This clever mug uses equations and the corresponding graphs (which are all correct by the way) to spell the word love. This will certainly go down well with anyone who loves maths

Maths Mug

A maths cup with a pun. We all know that maths teachers have problems, that’s why they are maths teachers! If you want a quirky mug that will make your maths teacher smile then this may be the best option in our list.

Maths Mug 

Maths mug with a joke is a great maths gift either on its own or to go with the coasters mentioned above.

Love Maths Mug

The Love maths mug is a clever way of using graphs to spell the word love. All aspiring mathematicians will appreciate this maths gift and those who aren’t sure how the graphs are created using the given equations may be inspired to revise a little harder which can only be a good thing!

Other presents for maths teachers

The following are a collection of other maths gifts that may be suitable if you don’t fancy getting your maths teacher a mug. There is something for everyone from cheap maths gifts to gender specific maths presents and other ideas that you may find interesting.

Maths Revision Cards

Now I know what you might be thinking, why would a maths teacher want a set of maths revision cards? Well, these are super handy and we guarantee that your maths teacher will find these useful when helping children to learn and revise and after all, teaching is their job and these cards will help with that!

The maths bag teacher present 

Everyone needs a bag, every maths teacher has plenty of books to carry and most maths teachers appreciate humour. This would make a great gift for a female maths teacher but possibly an even better gift for a male maths teacher if they can take a joke!

The Pi Tie

 If you have a male maths teacher then the pie tie could be the perfect gift. This tie is straightforward it is the pi symbol for the genuine maths enthusiast.

Maths Novelty Apron 

This is a perfect gift for a maths teacher who also likes to cook, thinks they are a bit of a chef or maybe detest cooking, it depends how you want the gift to be received. Whatever reason for getting your maths teacher a present, this chef’s apron is a fun and affordable way of giving them a suitable gift.

Maths Clock Gift 

 With maths equations in place of each number this clock will be he delight of any enthusiastic maths teacher.