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Primary Resources

Find useful primary resources can be quite tricky which is at Maths Made Easy we have been on a mission to bring all of our KS1 and KS2 primary resources into one place. As well as our primary maths resources we also have English resources as well. The teaching aids and materials on this page have been designed with parents and teachers in mind. From detailed descriptions of the national curriculum to primary maths resources such as worksheets and homework sheets, this page links to everything you need to cover the curriculum and help support either your class or child. You will also find links to KS2 SATs papers and even specifications outlining what is covered in the primary Science curriculum. With Maths Made Easy you should be able to find the primary resource you are looking for on this dedicated page.

KS1 Primary Resources

The KS1 primary resource buttons below link to pages where you can find what you are looking for, whether that be KS1 curriculum descriptions or maths questions. All of the primary resources on these pages have been designed by educational professional with teachers, tutors and parents in mind.

KS2 Primary Resources

From primary maths resources to KS2 SATs papers, the following buttons link to many different KS2 primary resources. The resources have been created with parents, teachers and tutors in mind to help support every child’s learning. Like every material on Maths Made Easy, the following list of primary resources are free to use and easy to access.

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