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How do you book a private tutor in Harrogate?  This is a good question as there are many private tutors...

Maths Made Easy Team 11 July 2019
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How do you book a private tutor in Harrogate? 

This is a good question as there are many private tutors in Harrogate, some who are independent, others who work through agencies and finally platforms that allow anyone to advertise as a tutor so you have to be careful where you go to find a private tutor. The first question you should ask when booking a private tutor is do they have a DBS check? This will ensure that they don’t have a criminal records check. Agencies such as Harrogate Tutors DBS check every tutor and they only work with qualified and experienced tutors. Tuition platforms such as Tutorful, First Tutors and MyTutor do not set a DBS as a requirement and in fact they do not require tutors to have any experience or qualifications, so literally anyone can sign up to their platform. There are some good independent private tutors in Harrogate but they are independent so are not back ground checked by anyone. Our recommendation is to use a reputable agency such as Harrogate Tutors to help you find a reputable private tutor in Harrogate

If you are looking for a English or Science tutor in Harrogate, then Harrogate Tutors will be able to help.  If you are looking for a private maths tutor in Harrogate then Maths Made Easy is here to help. If you are looking for an expert maths tutor in Harrogate then we are the best people to contact. We offer key stage two up to A level maths tuition as well as specialist tuition for the numeracy skills test.  At Maths Made Easy we ensure all of our private maths tutors in Harrogate are all DBS checked, qualified and experienced. 

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