Pythagoras theorem and GCSE Maths

Pythagoras theorem comes up very often in the new Maths syllabus. Pythagoras theorem is most commonly used to help calculate...

Maths Made Easy Team 11 January 2019
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Pythagoras theorem comes up very often in the new Maths syllabus. Pythagoras theorem is most commonly used to help calculate the side lengths of a triangle, however it can be used for other Maths purposes. Maths Made Easy have a large number of practice questions, answers, video solutions and further resources specifically for Pythagoras. So whether you are struggling with the core concept of this historic mathematical theory or you need further questions to be able to solidify your understanding of the topic, take a look out our free online Pythagoras revision questions today. GCSE Maths is quite possibly the most difficult of all the GCSEs. The new GCSE syllabus is split in to three exams. These exams are sat in May and June, at the end of the Academic year, with resits being sat in November. Maths Made Easy have helpful resources for the whole of the syllabus, why not take a look at our free online practice questions today.

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