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Scientific Calculator

Scientific calculators are used for all sorts of maths problems at GCSE. There is an entire paper where you are able to use your scientific calculator. Making sure you get the right calculator is a must and ensuring that you are confident using is another must. This page is dedicated to answering the common questions surrounding buying and using scientific calculators for GCSE maths exams.

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Calculator FAQs:

Which calculator would you suggest buying?

We think that one of the Casio fx scientific calculators is the best for GCSE maths students.

How do I know what setting to have my calculator in?

It depends on what you are looking to do. To make sure you don’t have a setting on that will mess up basic calculations, it is good practise to reset your calculator before any exam.

Where can I get a cheap Casio scientific calculator?

Contact us and we will send you a product list of where you can find the new Casio scientific calculators at the best price.

Can I use my scientific calculator to solve quadratic equations?

The short answer is yes; on many scientific calculators you can solve quadratic equations but you will have to make sure you have a reasonably new one and that you know exactly how this function works.

Is my scientific calculator suitable for the GCSE exams?

It depends; most calculators are suitable but please check yours, as calculators that have the ability to store significant amounts of data are not allowed as these could be used to give people an advantage.

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