A Level Maths Papers

The MME A level maths papers are an excellent way to practise using authentic exam style questions that are unique to our papers. Our examiners have studied the existing A level maths past papers and have used these as inspiration to develop realistic A level maths exam questions in an authentic exam format.
  • Pure, Stats and Mechanics questions in every pack
  • 3 exam papers posted to your door
  • Mark scheme posted with your papers
  • Edexcel, AQA, OCR and MEI exam boards covered
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Authentic Exam Papers

Our A level maths exam papers have been designed by a team of expert examiner and teachers to ensure they reflect the new A level maths specifications. Each exam paper set contains 3 exam booklets; pure 1, pure 2 and a statistics & mechanics papers 3. Each exam contains realistic questions that have been created in a way that will test knowledge and understanding of each topic area. If you are preparing or revising for an A level maths exam then these papers will be an excellent revision tool to use alongside the existing past papers. 

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Physical A level Maths Papers

The MME A level maths papers get delivered to your door. No need to waste time and energy printing, you will get the maths papers in booklet form, just like the real exams. Practise the questions as part of your revision or use the papers as full mock tests to see how you are progressing. Sitting the A level maths papers as mock tests will enable you to quickly identify which areas of the course you still need to work on whilst also allowing you to practise your exam technique and application of knowledge, which are two areas that many students struggle with. 

A Level Maths Papers Feature Image

Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions you have about our A Level Maths Papers are answered here.

Each A level maths exam paper pack contains a pure 1, pure 2 and stats and mechanics paper 3. Along with the exam question booklets you will also find a mark scheme booklet so that each paper can be marked.

These test papers are relevant to the 4 major exam boards: AQA, OCR, Edexcel and OCR MEI.

You add the papers to the cart and checkout using our secure payment methods, either card or Paypal. 

The only place that you can buy the MME A level maths papers is from the Maths Made Easy site. 

Yes, we order huge discounts for tutors, teachers or schools that want to order the exam papers in bulk. We have a dedicated schools service and even provide unseen A level papers for school run mock exams. 

The mark schemes are available for free as part of your purchase. They are easily accessible via this page. 

48 reviews for A Level Maths Papers


48 reviews
Highly rated for:
  • Coverage of pure, stats and mechanics
  • Great for the new course
  • Look and feel like the real thing
What customers are saying
Donna L

The stats part of paper 3 seemed a little easier than the other areas but overall the papers were a good test of any students ability.

Mohammad U

Brilliant a level maths papers, just what I need to improve.

Trudy Kingsley

These helped me prep for my maths mock exam 2 weeks ago and I received my result just before we finished for half term, A on my first formal mock paper which I am chuffed about. I need an A prediction for my Uni application and I will get at least this now. Do i dare to push for an A*? Anyway, thanks for producing the papers, they really helped.

Frances E

Really useful to have an extra set of exam papers to work through. 5 stars from me.

Mary Y

The papers are useful but the mark scheme could do with more detail. I would buy again but only if the price was reduced slightly.

Catherine Levy

The papers have been a help, giving me experience of exam questions.

Kiki L

Happy with the exam papers thanks.

D Zhao

These papers are a very good addition to the past paper sets I am working through.

A Sterling

The first pure paper I found okay, but the papers got more difficult as they went along. They look like actual exam papers and offer good practise.

Jennifer P

Really good set of A level maths papers.

Dr S Nugent

Excellent service, papers cam quickly and helped my son prepare for his mock.

Olivia M

A brilliant set of a level maths papers.


With year 12 mocks coming up I wanted to find something o help prepapre me. Getting these papers has helped me to find which parts of the course so far I struggle with and also helped me to read ahead into next terms content. Good exam papers.

Mrs A Lockran

Exceptional resource and a really welcomed addition to the existing exam papers available for the new A level maths course.


Top papers for the A level maths course.

Dr Shah

Very well constructed papers, a good selection of questions that covered each part of the exam. I would highly recommend to those self motivated students who will put in the time to complete, but more importantly, learn from the papers.

R P Monkton

The A level maths question papers are really useful. Mark schemes could do with a little more depth but all in all a very good buy.

B Gupta

The best A level maths papers I have seen other than the actual exams of course.

Jonathan Blair

MME were v accommodating of what I needed.
The questions were excellent and looked v similar to questions that have been in past papers. This is no mean feat! V impressive!
The papers were helpful to give students blind questions that they couldn’t have seen before.
The mark schemes could be more detailed and give alternative solutions for some questions. They could also have added B, M, A marks on the mark scheme too which would be helpful,

Leah King

Set out in a way that makes them feel like actual exam papers. Good for Edexcel.

Z Derek

Good purchase

Ralph Stark

Super useful papers

Jodie Appleton

Really helped me to prepare for my mock, great A level maths papers.

Allie Flowers

At last people are making resources for the new A level. The last couple of years have been a nightmare trying to find new question types. These papers look very good on first inspection.

Collin Atkinson

Good papers, very useful.

Shaun Allen

The next best thing to actual exam papers.


The maths is good but why aren’t these papers available to download?

Veronica Pearce

Great set of A level maths papers, the first ones I have come across that are in the correct style of the new papers.

Amanda Hayward

All three topic areas covered in paper 1, 2, 3. The mark scheme is useful, would be even better to have full worked solutions to see alternative methods, that said, still a very useful resource.


The papers have made a great difference in helping me to get ready for my mock test. I am waiting for the result and will post an update when I know.

Mr Cowell

Having used these maths papers with small groups of A level students I can see why they are popular. There is a severe shortage of good A level resources for the new spec and these papers help.

Jennifer Graham

A level maths papers and past papers are the best way to revise.

Sarah Hollins

Other than the past papers these are the best resource to help students revise for A level maths exams.

Mrs Kahn

My son has found these A level papers to be very useful indeed.

Beth Williams

Excellent for my A level mock exams that are happening even though we aren’t at school!


No refund was provided even though I didn’t really use the papers and my exam was cancelled, so I had two spare ones to send back.

Cathy Pearson

The exam questions are realistic and cover all areas of the course. The P1 paper was probably the easiest but that may be because I was most confident with that one before taking the paper. All in all very good.

Fiona Forsyth

The papers have been good to hav alongside the past papers. The old past papers are not as useful as the new spec ones, so these papers have been useful in that regard. Good to get a printed out version as well.

Brenda Cliff

Super useful to have an additional set of exam papers to work from and test your knowledge.


Really good and useful for next term and extra practice.

Maddy Fisher

Took a while to come and by the time they had arrived, it had been announced that exams will not be happening and there is no refund option for the papers.

However, in terms of the actual content I am sure they would be great but to be honest, I haven’t looked at them because of no exams!!


Amazing resource!! Was still very happy to receive the papers, thank you very much.

Suhani Ahuja

Excellent exam papers, really useful.


Really pleased with my papers, the best mock exams I have seen and invaluable when there are so few exam questions out there.

Toby Oakley

Just received my A level maths papers and they look like the real deal. Half way through pure maths paper and it all looks exactly like the exams do but with all new questions. Good stuff.

Lukas P

Would recommend the A level maths revision cards to all students studying this subject.

Mr Sudin

Excellent A level maths cards.

Don Watson

Finding the right resources for the new A level maths course is a challenge. Although a lot of the old pure, stats and mechanics content is relevant, they don’t cover the same topics and the overlap isn’t as big as it may appear. These A level maths cards do cover the new spec and do so in the right way.

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