GCSE Triple Science Revision Cards


GCSE Triple Science Revision Cards

The Very Best GCSE Science Revision Cards for the AQA Exam Board

  • All Major GCSE Science Topics Covered

  • Covers AQA GCSE Triple Science Specification for Biology, Chemistry and Physics

  • Higher and Foundation Tiers Covered

  • Pack contains: Biology, Chemistry and Physics cards!

  • Studying Combined Science? Check out our Combined Science Cards

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How they look

Get a sneak peek at some of the cards in this GCSE Triple Science set!

AQA GCSE Triple Science Revision Cards!

The MME GCSE triple Science revision cards are one of the first flash cards set to cover all of the AQA specification. Every card has 5 questions to test knowledge and recall as well one exam style question to test understanding and application of knowledge.

AQA Biology, Chemistry and Physics Covered

Every card contains an example similar to exam questions on the AQA papers. These questions are often contextualised, involve graphs, tables and other types of data and require a student to be able to apply their knowledge. All three sciences are covered, so whether you want to practise your Biology application, Chemistry calculations or Physics equations, you will find them all on our GCSE Triple Science revision cards.

Topic List

See all the topics covered in the AQA GCSE Triple Science Revision Cards


227 sections

Cell Biology


Specialised Cells


Mitosis and Chromosomes

Stem Cells


Active Transport


Cell Organisation

Digestion and Enzymes

Food Tests

Blood Vessels and Blood

Cardiovascular Disease

Lifestyle and Disease


Plant Cell Organisation

Transpiration and Translocation

Infection and Response


Infectious Organisms 1

Infectious Organisms 2

Defence and Vaccination



Photosynthesis 1

Photosynthesis 2


Exercise and Metabolism

Homeostasis and Response


The Nervous System

The Endocrine System

Controlling Blood Glucose

Human Reproduction 1

Human Reproduction 2

Fertility Treatments (Higher Tier Only)

Inheritance Variation and Evolution




Genetic Diagrams

Inherited Disorders

Variation and Evolution

Selective Breeding

Genetic Engineering

Fossils and Extinction


Antibiotic Resistance



Biotic and Abiotic Factors


Food Chains and Sampling

Water and Carbon


Human Impacts on the Environment

Practical Skills

Maths Skills

Practical Skills

Triple Only

Culturing Microorganisms

Monoclonal Antibodies (Higher Tier Only)

Plant Disease and Response

The Brain

The Eye

Control of Body Temperature

Water and Nitrogen

Negative Feedback (Higher Tier Only)

Plant Hormones


Reproduction 2


Theory of Evolution

Darwin, Wallace, Mendel


Environmental Change

Trophic Levels

Food Production


Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table

Atoms, Elements & Compounds

Chemical Equations


Model of the Atom

Subatomic Particles and Mass

Electronic Structure

The Periodic Table

Metals and Non-Metals

Group 0 Elements

Group 1 Elements

Group 7 Elements

Bonding Structure and the properties of Matter

Ions and Ionic Bonding

Ionic Compounds

Covalent Bonding

Metallic Bonding

States of Matter

Simple Molecular Substances


Giant Covalent Structures

Metals and Alloys

Diamond and Graphite

Graphene and Fullerenes

Quantitative Chemistry

Chemical Equations

Relative Formula Mass

Conservation of Mass

The Mole

Mole Equations (Higher Tier Only)

Limiting Reactants (Higher Tier Only)

Chemical Changes

The Reactivity Series


Redox Reactions

Redox Reactions (Higher Tier Only)


Acids and bases

Strong and Weak Acids (Higher Tier Only)

Electrolysis Introduction

Products of Electrolysis

Half Equations (Higher Tier Only)

Energy Changes

Exothermic and Endothermic

Energy Transfers in Reactions

Bond Energies (Higher Tier Only)

The Rate and Extent of Chemical Changes

Rates of Reaction

Collision Theory


Reversible Reactions


Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Fractional Distillation

Uses of Oil


Chemical Analysis

Paper Chromatography

Tests for Gases

Purity and Formulations

The evolution of the Atmosphere

Greenhouse gases

Climate Change

Air Pollution

Using Resources

Sustainable Development


Extracting Metals (Higher Tier Only)

Life Cycle Assessments

Reduction and Recycling

Practical Skills

Maths Skills 1

Practical Skills

Practical Skills 1

Transition Metals


Yield and Economy

Concentration and Volume


Cells and Batteries



Carboxylic Acids


Amino Acids and DNA

Flame Tests

Other Chemical Tests

Corrosion and Alloys

Ceramics, Polymers & Composites

Haber Process and Fertilisers


Energy Stores and Systems

Kinetic and Potential Energy

Specific Heat Capacity


Energy and Efficiency

Energy Resources


Circuit Symbols

Current and Charge

V = IR


Series Circuits

Parallel Circuits

The Home


The National Grid

Particle Models of Matter


Changes of State

Energy and Specific Heat Capacity

Specific Latent Heat

Particle Motion

Atom Structure

Atom Structure

Atoms and Isotopes

Model of the Atom

Nuclear Radiation

Nuclear Equations


Radioactive Contamination

Contact and Non-Contact Forces


Resultant Forces

Work Done

Forces and Elasticity

Speed Distance Time



Newton’s Laws of Motion

Stopping Distance and Reaction Time

Braking Distance

Atmospheric Pressure

Momentum (Higher Only)

Transverse and Longitudinal Waves

Properties of Waves

Electromagnetic Waves 1

Electromagnetic Waves 2 (Higher Only)

Infrared Radiation

EM Waves and Their Uses

Dangers of EM Waves

Magnetism and Electromagnetism

Magnets and Fields

Electromagnetism (Higher Only)

The Motor Effect

Electric Motors

Practical Skills

Scientific Skills

Maths Skills

Triple Only


Triple Only

Electric Fields

Triple Only

Pressure in Gases

Triple Only

Dangers of Radiation

Triple Only

Uses of Radiation

Triple Only

Fission and Fusion

Triple Only


Changes in Momentum

Pressure in Fluid

Reflection of Waves

Sound Waves and Uses


Visible Light

Black Body Radiation

Loudspeakers (Higher Only)

Induced Potential (Higher Only)

Generators and Microphones (Higher Only)


Our Solar System



Red Shift

GCSE Triple Science Revision Cards

Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions you have about our GCSE Triple Science Revision Cards are answered here.

Currently the triple science pack of cards we offer are specific to the AQA exam board, however most of the topics are still the same for Edexcel and OCR, so the cards would still be useful for these boards.

All of the major Biology, Chemistry Physics topics are covered with recall and exam questions.

Yes the required practicals are covered for all three sciences .

Yes you can access all of our GCSE Science materials on our GCSE Science revision page.

With our standard shipping option the cards will arrive in 2-3 working days from the day you have ordered them.

Revision cards and flash cards are a great way to revise, test your knowledge and identify gaps but they are no substitute to doing the exam papers; therefore as a minimum we suggest that students should complete all of the GCSE Science exam papers that are available in preparation for your final exams.

Shipping / Delivery Information

All items are shipped using Royal Mail. For our standard shipping option this means you should receive your items within 2-3 working days for all UK orders. International shipping varies depending on the country but usually takes between 5-10 working days.

Item United Kingdom Europe Rest of World
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Practice Exam Papers £1.00 initial cost + 49p per item £6.50 initial cost + £2.50 per item £19.99 flat rate
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Highly rated for:

Full course coverage
Biology, Chemistry and Physics covered in depth
Exam questions and required practicals exceptional

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  1. Excellent with home study, something a little different to screen time. All 3 science subjects covered in equal depth. 5 stars

    Shane Wheeler (verified owner)
  2. I hate buying things online but covid means we are all having too. I would usually get something like this from smiths or Waterstones but a friend recommended this site. I called them up I wasn’t sure about the exam boards but they explained it all so I ordered over the phone. 2 days later my postman delivers them. The science cards are delightful! Would still prefer to buy them from a shop though 🙂

    Helen Watermen (verified owner)
  3. Honestly the best set of revision cards I have seen. The question and answer format promotes fast learning of all topic areas. I would recommend to students who are studying AQA GCSE triple science.

    Ahmed S (verified owner)
  4. Pleased with the science flashcards thanks

    Clare Coldwell (verified owner)
  5. All 3 sciences for aqa exams. Good service and quick delivery.

    Gail R
  6. Amazing set of science cards, a really productive way to revise for the triple science exams.

    Mungo (verified owner)
  7. Trying to get a teenager to do any sort of revision is tricky. We have found that a combination of things a little different to that given in school (or online now) is a good way to get children interested. Having used the science cards for a week now we are very pleased how well they have been received.

    E Field (verified owner)
  8. Absolutely brilliant product. Revision cards are a great way to learn science GCSE.

    Yusuf S (verified owner)
  9. The science cards have been a god send for our daughter. All 3 sciences are worked through for the aqa exams. These have helped her to cement the knowledge before tackling exam papers.

    Jez Hartley (verified owner)
  10. A wonderful set of science revision cards. very pleased.

    Diana O (verified owner)
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