KS2 SATs Flash Cards

KS2 Maths SATs Cards are perfect for those Year 3 - 6 students looking to prepare for their important Year 6 SATs exams.
  • All of the major KS2 Maths SATs topics covered
  • Practice questions and answers on every topic
  • Perfect for year 6 Maths SATs
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How They Look

Get a sneak peak of our KS2 Sats Questions Cards

KS2 SATs Flash Cards Preview Image
KS2 SATs Flash Cards Preview Image
KS2 SATs Flash Cards Preview Image
KS2 SATs Flash Cards Preview Image
KS2 SATs Flash Cards Preview Image
KS2 SATs Flash Cards Preview Image
KS2 SATs Flash Cards Preview Image
KS2 SATs Flash Cards Preview Image
KS2 SATs Flash Cards Preview Image
KS2 SATs Flash Cards Preview Image
KS2 Maths Flash Cards

Our KS2 Maths revision cards have been designed to effectively condense all essential concepts you need to know for the KS2 SATs exams, into practice questions that can be used to quickly test your child’s knowledge on all the key areas of the curriculum.

KS2 SATs Flash Cards Feature Image
Effective SATs Revision

Maths flash cards are one of the classic study tools, and for good reason – they promote learning through active recall, which is a well known technique in helping to memorise key concepts. The SATs revision cards also make it easy to quickly identify areas of weakness so you know what topics then need more work.

KS2 SATs Flash Cards Feature Image

KS2 SATs card features

KS2 SATs exam question examples can be found on every card

Exam style questions

Every card gives a question and answer in the style of the KS2 SATs exams.

All Major Topics Covered

From shapes to algebra, all of the major topics are covered

Arithmetic and Reasoning

Both sections of the KS2 exam are covered in equal measure

More features of KS2 SATs Flash Cards
Video solutions

As well as answers on the cards there are corresponding video solutions for every answer

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Efficient Shipping

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Exam Ready get your child ready for their SATs exams

The KS2 Maths SATs cards are a great way to help children prepare for their year 6 maths exams.

Revise key topics

Arithmetic and reasoning covered

Answers on every card

Get your answers instantly on the back of each card

Video solutions

For every answer there is also a video explanation.

Fast Shipping

Quick and easy ordering system

Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions you have about our KS2 SATs Flash Cards are answered here.

Yes, our SATs maths revision cards cover the major question types that come up in the curriculum. There are however an infinite number of question types that there can be so it is important children practise as many questions as possible. 

They contain explanations of each topic along with examples in the form of common SATs questions so children can get use to sitting exam style questions whilst revising. 

You can buy the SATs revision cards exclusively from MME.

You go through our easy order system selecting the number of packs you want before entering your payment information into our secure system. 

Yes we do offer discounts to people or schools who want to order a larger quantity of the revision cards. 

All of the answers can be found on MME. 

38 reviews for KS2 SATs Flash Cards


38 reviews
Highly rated for:
  • Perfect for KS2 SATs prep
  • Exam style questions are authentic
  • A fun way to learn
What customers are saying

The maths cards for ks2 have been a good help for my year 5 pupil who needs exam practise. As a private tutor I use your free resources a lot and I’m glad I invested in these cards as these are even better.

I Petrova

Useful flashcards for maths at primary level.

Holly A

Very good key stage maths cards.

S Oldcourt

Our 9 year old has found these a huge help in getting her to revise more frequently. Little and often as they say.


Very good flashcards!

Johnathon Barkley

Ks2 maths cards are a good buy to work with from home. As parents it has made it easier for us to get involved with the learning around the kitchen table, passing cards back and fourth.

Shirley Winstanley

My year 4 daughter has really benefited from using these maths cards. Just 5 to 10 minutes a day can make a real difference and it doesn’t feel like too much hard work. If you can keep it fun and fresh for children they take so much more in. Thanks again for a great set of ks2 flash cards.


Good for ks2 maths practise and testing children in a more interative way.

Gary Ellis

Good maths cards for year 5 and 6 to help with understanding the key types of questions that the children need to answer.

Mavis Sunderland

Got these cards to work through them with my grandson, his maths is better than mine. A good job that the answers are on the back of the card, he thinks I am a genius as I hold the card up and always get to the answer before him. In all seriousness, very good.

Eddie Jarvis

Cards are excellent, quick delivery and cheap to buy recommended purchase.

Sajid Khan

Even though the sats are not going ahead we wanted our daughter to prepare anyway. These cards have been a good test and something she can use at home with us which has been nice.

Lexi Pilkington

Great for year 5 and 6 children studying maths from home. Some of the questions are quite tricky but having looked at some ks2 maths papers they are very realistic.

Rachael Matthews

Each card has questions on one side and answers on the back. Simple and effective.


Cards are useful for children revising for their sats exams in maths. Answers are on the back. Good cards.

Amara Patel

Good maths cards for SATs exams

Edward H

You get what you see, a set of well designed cards, simple but effective. I must say that some of the maths at key stage two is pretty tricky, so parents be warned, you will need to be on your game with the sats questions.

Hannah Harman

Excellent!!!! Our daughter is getting ready for her SATs exams and is a little nervous about the whole thing. These cards have introduced her to exam type questions but without the formality of a scary exam paper.

Sue Travis

The maths cards are good, but there is no English sats and for the amount you pay I would expect some exam questions for English as well. I would recommend if you lower your price otherwise people please avoid paying.

Warren Peterborough

A good revision tool for children preparing for their maths stats exams.

Eileen Akrig

Packed full of maths sats questions. Really useful for our son who is sitting his exams this time.

Mohammad Rafi

great for sats prep for child in year 6.

Maxine Wedderburn

Using these with the sats papers has been a great help for our daughter daisy who is great at English but worries about her maths quite a lot. The cards have loads of practice questions in a similar lay out to the exams.

Dora Green

Just what we needed to spur our daughter on to revise some lovely maths, Not long until the sats exams now, good luck to all those children (and parents) who are revising.

Alice T

Good product and fast delivery

Christine Harvey

Nice and colourful design with good clear information

Sally Edminson

Fabulous resource, the ks2 maths cards are great for keeping the younger ones interested in the exam prep, highly recommend.

Poppy Hopkinson

the sats revision cards have been great, happy to leave a review.

Dom Greenwood

My son is gearing up for his sats this year so we are helping him as much as we can with resources. The online stuff is great but having these sats cards to work from has really helped him to focus. Would highly recommend to parents of year 6 students wanting exam prep for maths sats tests.

Jeremy B

Fantastic KS2 revision cards. They are colourful and exactly what we need to get our daughter engaged with maths. Terrific!


Super useful revision cards, these will be invaluable as we approach the sats exams. thank you!!!


Thank you so much for your super fast delivery love the layout my daughter hasn’t seen them yet but I’ve had fun attempting the questions trying to find one for English and science now

Gemma Roberts

Brilliant KS2 SATS cards, Emily has come on leaps and bounds as we keep firing questions at her over the dinner table.


Great set of maths cards, helping my son with his SATs revision. The questions seem difficult but from what I have seen they do match the actual exam type of question.

Gail Townsend

A really useful revision tool to help year 6 students to prepare for their SATS exams. The questions are very realistic and mimic exam style questions giving children a good exposure to the right types of question. Recommended from an education professional.

Kylie James

With sats exams fast approaching we are looking for all the help we can get to help prepare our son for his exams. He struggles with concentration as a lot of boys do at this age, so any extra help is welcome. We found these cards as they were recommended by his maths tutor and we are happy to pass on the recommendation having seen how useful they are.


Absolutely brilliant. I took a gamble on these SATs cards and I am so pleased I did. Jessica is finding them fun to work through and the exam questions are giving her great experience of the types of questions that she will be facing at the end of this year. Happy to recommend these cards for anyone preparing their child for the year 6 sats exams.


Really pleased with the KS2 sats cards. We were one of the first to get them after registering our interest and as soon as they were in stock we were contacted and the cards were with us in a few days. The cards contain exam style questions which we are now starting to work through with our son who is just going into year 6. I will add to my feedback at the end of the year to see how effective they were for his exam!

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