KS3 Maths Revision Cards

Whether you are buying these maths cards for a year 7 student who loves maths and wants to learn more or you are getting them for a reluctant year 9 student who has an end of year exam, these cards will be useful. Our KS3 maths revision cards are effective and will help to engage your child with their maths revision.
  • All of the major KS3 maths topics covered
  • Practice questions and answers on every topic
  • Detailed model solutions for every question
  • 80 cards in every pack!
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How the cards look

Take a look at a sample of our KS3 Maths cards below

KS3 Maths Revision Cards Preview Image
KS3 Maths Revision Cards Preview Image
KS3 Maths Revision Cards Preview Image
KS3 Maths Revision Cards Preview Image
KS3 Maths Revision Cards Preview Image
KS3 Maths Revision Cards Preview Image
KS3 Maths Revision Cards Preview Image
KS3 Maths Revision Cards Preview Image
Fast and Effective Revision

Our KS3 maths revision cards cover all the major areas of the curriculum which makes them very useful for students when trying to quickly identify areas of the course they need to revise. These flashcards not only contain explanations of each topic, they have a practise question to further test understanding. All questions are accompanied by explanations which can be easily accessed via our QR codes. 

KS3 Maths Revision Cards Feature Image
Key Stage 3 Maths Flashcards

Teachers and students are always talking about flashcards being a great way to revise, and we agree. At Maths Made Easy we are the first to make a comprehensive KS3 maths revision card pack that is useful for students, teachers and even tutors. Get our KS3 maths flashcards today and start the revision revolution! 

KS3 Maths Revision Cards Feature Image

Features of the KS3 Revision Cards

MME provide the very best KS3 Revision Cards

All major topics covered

Algebra, Number, Graphs, Ratio, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics and all the sub topics within the KS3 curriculum.

All abilities

Our KS3 revision cards are suitable for students of all abilities.

Easy to order

Press the add to cart button, add your quantity and pay, as simple as that.

More features of KS3 Maths Revision Cards
Secure payment

Either a secure card payment or Paypal, either way we don't store your details and it is secure.

Quick delivery

Within a few days of your order the revision cards will arrive.

Speed Up Your Revision

The MME KS3 maths revision cards are a great way to cover the entire curriculum quickly and effectively.

Revise every topic

From Number to Algebra, every KS3 maths topic is covered.

KS3 revision notes

Key points and formulae highlighted for effective revision.

80 cards

Plenty of cards to ensure the KS3 maths curriculum is covered.

Fast Shipping

Ensures you get the flash cards quickly.

65 reviews for KS3 Maths Revision Cards


65 reviews
Highly rated for:
  • Formulae and diagrams helpful
  • Better than screen time learning!
  • Fun and engaging
What customers are saying
Jerry Summers

A fabulous set of maths cards. Highly recommend and happy to leave a glowing review.

Joan D

We have found the ks3 cards to be helpful and error free which is important.

U L Dean

A great set of maths flash cards, neat idea to condense the content into more manageable chunks and much better than getting kids to make their own.

Remi J

Exceptional set of maths study cards. A brilliant way to engage children especially those who struggle with things like ADHD where more traditional forms of education don’t always work very well.

Trevor Carlton

yep good set of maths cards, please post review.

Arnold Wise

The most effective resource we have bought. The cards explain each question type and work through examples to show how the methods are employed.


Exceptional resource! The MME website is so useful, I was tempted in to buying these cards for my daughter to use whilst being home schooled. They make a great change to all the computer work and she genuinely enjoys working through them.


I am really pleased with the key stage three maths cards. The content is clear and explanations make total sense.

Julia F

The revision cards were fine, maths on a card, not a lot else to them.

Mr Boardman

Well set out, clear explanations with worked examples. Pleased to recommend the key stage three revision cards to others.

Gareth S

If you are searching for key stage three maths cards, search no further. These are brilliant set of cards.

Gareth S

If you are searching for key stage three maths cards, search no further. These are brilliant set of cards.

Karen G

A magnificent set of magical maths cards! A little over doing it, but they are useful!

T Bellor

Yes we are happy with the maths cards thank you. They came in a sealed padded envelope with colourful bands, all intact. My son has used them a few times now and has said they are helpful.

Xiu Ying

Our daughter is studying hard for her maths exams at the end of this year as the results will determine which group she is in for her gcse exams. To help her we bought these ks3 cards which have given her an extra boost and motivation to keep working hard. thanks

Harriet L

A very imaginative way of covering the KS3 maths course. I didn’t think you could cover the curriculum in card format in 80 cards and still be able to read the text on the card, but you can. It helps that the practise questions are on the back and the detailed answers are then online which saves space on the card. A very good buy for boys that do nothing but look at computer game screens all day, gives them time off and hopefully allows their eyes to reshape from being square!

James D

The k3s maths cards are really helpful with understanding all of the key areas of the course.

Dominic Finch

An excellent pack of ks3 maths cards. Each card presents the information in a succinct way, making it much easier for children to digest. Full marks from me.

Norma Shearer

Really helpful in breaking down complicated questions into simple steps for children to understand and learn from.

Calum Copeland

Our 13 year old has responded really well to these maths cards and has started to show an interest in maths which is really encouraging.

Jerry R

A fantastic set of maths cards for key stage three students.

My students have found the cards a nice break away from the screen learning we have to do currently. Any resource that can keep children engaged and still doing maths in these times is a huge positive.

A Rollings

Brilliant maths revision cards for lower secondary school children.

Mrs Portman

Out of all the resources and learning aids sent home from school, these cards have been the most useful. Everything and everything is now online, from shopping to learning, but it is nice to have something to touch and work through, especially for children. We came back to the site to look at your English cards which I must say are also very good.

Courtney Lowe

Very happy with our purchase thank you

Debbie Harrow

The formula are very handy and the explanations of each type of question is good as well.

Debbie Harrow

The formula are very handy and the explanations of each type of question is good as well.

Rosie Warren

Excellent ks3 maths cards. They came quickly and were being used the same day!

Zoe Fielding

Our daughter have found these maths cards extremely useful in helping her to memorise equations and understand new topics.

Dr Chowdary

Exceptional study aid for younger secondary school children. My two sons have found these cards a delight to work through.

Trevor Platt

Our son said that these maths cards have helped him at home to study his maths and progress his learning.

Mike Gervais

Ideal for studying from home with a group of small children My kids are aged 11-15 and these cards worked well for all of them. Great to see team work!


The maths is excellent and the cards are easy to use.

Jenifer Jones

My Daughter hated maths but these revision cards really helped her to revise.

Matthew Keen

These Revision Cards were perfect for my daughter. They really helped her to easily revise.

Terry Josephs

Great Revision Cards, Perfect for my son.

Mrs Ramsey

A really imaginative revision tool that engages children. Having something tactile and visual for a child to use certainly helps with engagement and over coming barriers to learning. Maths is a subject then many children struggle with and therefore dislike as a consequence, so any resource that can ease this tension is a positive thing.

M Abrhamovic

Recommended the maths cards to others, happy with service.

Oliver Taylor

I didn’t know ks3 maths revision cards existed until seeing them on the mme website, I always though flashcards were those rubbish bits of paper or card kids wrote on to jog their memories, whereas these things look genuinely useful.

Jack Hainsworth

Our son has found these maths cards enjoyable and easy to work through whilst studying at home.

Mrs Harden

Tremendously useful and very effective maths cards. Thank you

Georgina Bell

Brilliant maths cards for years 7-9. I have two daughters, 1 in year 7 and 1 in year 9 and it is great to watch them work through the pack together.

Marianne Decker

Great cards that are in a well thought out format, not too much info on each card and easy to follow. Practise questions come in handy and generally the cards are a great way to quickly test understanding of different topics areas.

Liam Harlow

Pleased to recommend the key stage three maths cards to anyone and everyone.

Fred Jewson

The best KS3 maths cards available anywhere. I have searched far and wide and these cards are head and shoulders above the rest.

Lauren Schofield

Brilliant maths cards with clear explanations and plenty of examples for the kids to have a go at.

Mr Hardwood

Over the years there are all sorts of resources that get released, some good and some awful. This set of cards appears basic on first sight but the practise questions and examples on more challenging topics make up for this. All in all a very good resource for children looking to improve their mathematical skills at key stage three level.

Bernice Arron

If you are considering buying these cards then do! They cover all of the KS3 maths areas with succinct explanations and useful examples.

Roman Grint

Good cards

Daniel Zaharieva

Would give 5 stars for the ks3 cards.

Shane Collins

There is not a lot out there for key stage three so as a maths teacher I am always on the look out for new and innovative resources to engage children. These flashcards are my number 1 pick for 2020 so far, keep up the good work MME.


Really good revision cards, tonnes of information organised in an easily digestible way. Good value for money.

Doreen Welsh

Great cards but took 3 days to get to me, please improve shipping times and I will order again.

Zoe Beard

Packed with lots of useful info, really happy with cards. thank you.

Burt Smyth

Just what our son needed! Great.


Good product for son, he liked to use these cards to help him with study skills and maths work.

Jeff Noland

Excellent KS3 maths revision cards. I purchased these for some of my students (I am a private tutor). They have been a real success, I have now come back to buy some more and they are out of stock!!!! please get these back in as soon as you can.

Kier Smith

quick ordering, got the key stage three cards within a couple of days and they are currently occupying some of our sons attention so must be a good thing.


These cards are fantastic! My son struggles with his maths and we had been looking for a new way to get him engaged in maths. We have seen a really positive change in his attitude towards learning.


I would recommend these key stage three cards to any teacher, tutor or parent who is looking to support their child. The cards are informative and cover all maths topics for year 7 to 9.

Alice Bright

Exactly what we had hoped for. These key stage three cards are just what we were looking for, something a little to help our youngest to revise for her end of term exams. Good job maths made easy!

Alexandra Martins

These cards are a life saver. My daughter has a KS3 maths test shortly which will determine which set she is in as they move into the GCSE course and these cards have given her a new motivation and she is no working her way through the entire key stage three course.

Nina Husain

Brilliant key stage 3 maths cards, exceptional presentation and the content covers the curriculum in good depth.


I was looking at the GCSE maths revision cards when I realised that you can actually get key stage 3 cards. I am pleased we have bought this pack as it covers the curriculum to the right level. Amy is a bright girl but we didn’t want to overwhelm her with GCSE content that she isn’t going to cover for a couple of years yet and these maths cards are pitched at the right level.


Superb key stage 3 cards. I have been working through these with my son and I didn’t realise how hard maths had got. All the news articles are about how much easier exams are getting but I was trying to work through an exam paper with Alfie and I didn’t have a clue, and neither did he. Our plan was to therefore look at getting a revision guide or something and then I came across these cards on the maths site we use to get worksheets. The cards are split up by each topic and make the whole revision process a lot easier.


Fantastic! In the age of the screens having something physical to revise from is a god send. The flash cards are engaging and Amy has enjoyed working through them, thanks.

KS3 Maths Revision Card Answers

Select from the list below to view the answers by card number.

Ratio, Proportion and Rates of Change
Probability and Statistics

Shipping / Delivery Information

All items are shipped using Royal Mail. For our standard shipping option this means you should receive your items within 2-3 working days for all UK orders. International shipping varies depending on the country but usually takes between 5-10 working days. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions you have about our KS3 Maths Revision Cards are answered here.

Yes, our KS3 maths revision cards cover the core curriculum with every major topic type covered. 

These key stage three maths cards are A5, with one side dedicated to covering the key content and the reverse used for practice questions. 

Each maths revision card has a title of the topic covered, an explanation, a formula if there is one and at least one worked example so students can learn how to answer questions using the best methods. There is also a question on the reverse of every card with space for working. Each card has a QR code to make accessing the answers and further KS3 revision materials as easy as possible. 

We use Royal Mail to ship all KS3 card orders. This usually takes 2-3 days for our standard shipping option. 

We offer discounts for larger orders which are typically placed by schools and tuition agencies. Our order form takes care of all discount codes and bulk order discounts which are applied automatically to the basket. 

You can scan the handy QR code which will take you directly to the worked solution as well as tonnes of other relevant KS3 revision materials. If you have an iPhone you can simply scan the code with your camera, for Android phones there are tonnes of free QR apps. Alternatively you can use the code on the card to access the correct answers directly through the site. 

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