KS3 Maths Revision Cards


KS3 Maths Revision Cards

Whether you are buying these maths cards for a year 7 student who loves maths and wants to learn more or you are getting them for a reluctant year 9 student who has an end of year exam, these cards will be useful. Our KS3 maths revision cards are effective and will help to engage your child with their maths revision.

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How the cards look

Take a look at a sample of our KS3 Maths cards below

Fast and Effective Revision

Our KS3 maths revision cards cover all the major areas of the curriculum which makes them very useful for students when trying to quickly identify areas of the course they need to revise. These flashcards not only contain explanations of each topic, they have a practise question to further test understanding. All questions are accompanied by explanations which can be easily accessed via our QR codes.

  • All major topics covered - Algebra, Number, Graphs, Ratio, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics and all the sub topics within the KS3 curriculum.

  • Easy to order - Press the add to cart button, add your quantity and pay, as simple as that.

  • Quick delivery - Within a few days of your order the revision cards will arrive.

Key Stage 3 Maths Flashcards

Teachers and students are always talking about flashcards being a great way to revise, and we agree. At Maths Made Easy we are the first to make a comprehensive KS3 maths revision card pack that is useful for students, teachers and even tutors. Get our KS3 maths flashcards today and start the revision revolution!

  • All abilities - Our KS3 revision cards are suitable for students of all abilities.

  • Secure payment - Either a secure card payment or Paypal, either way we don’t store your details and it is secure.

Speed Up Your Revision

The MME KS3 maths revision cards are a great way to cover the entire curriculum quickly and effectively.

Topic List

All of the topics in the KS3 maths curriculum are covered the KS3 Maths Revision Cards pack.

77 sections

N1 – Ordering Numbers

N2 – Addition and Subtraction

N3 – Multiplying

N4 – Dividing

N5 – Multiplying and Dividing Decimals

N6 – Negative Numbers

N7 – Types of numbers

N8 – Factors and Multiples

N9 – HCF & LCM


N11 – Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages

N12 – Fractions

N13 – Adding and Subtracting Fractions

N14 – Multiplying and Dividing fractions

N15 – Mixed Numbers and Fractions of Amounts

N16 – Percentage

N17 – Rounding

N18 – Estimations

N19 – Powers

N20 – Square root and cube root

N21 – Standard Form

A1 – Simplifying Terms

A2 – Expanding Single Brackets

A3 – Expanding Double Brackets

A4 – Factorizing Single Brackets

A5 – Simplifying and solving equations

A6 – Rearranging Formula

A7 – Linear Sequences & the nth Term

A8 – Inequalities on a Number Line

G1 – Coordinates and Midpoints

G2 – Drawing Linear Graphs

G3 – Gradient of a straight line

G4 – Gradient and y=mx+c

G5 – Travel Graphs

G6 – Using Conversion Graphs

G7 – Solving Simultaneous Equations

G8 – Quadratic Graphs

R1 - Ratio

R2 - Proportionality

R3 - Direct and Inverse Proportion

R4 - Reverse Percentage

R5 - Units and conversions

R6 - Maps and Scale Drawings

R7 - Best Buys

M1 – Symmetry

M2 – Areas of Shapes

M3 – Perimeters of Shapes

M4 – Parts of the circle

M5 – Area and Circumference of a circle

M6 – 3D Shapes

M7 – Edges, Faces, and Vertices

M8 – Projections, Plans and Elevations

M9 – Calculating Volume

M10 – Types of Angle and Angle Facts

M11 – Angles in Parallel Lines

M12 – Interior and exterior angles

M13 – Translations and Reflections

M14 – Rotations and Enlargements

M15 – Congruence

M16 – Similar Shapes

M17 – Loci and Constructions

M18 – Pythagoras

M19 – Trigonometry – Finding Lengths

M20 – Finding Angles

P1 – Probability Basics

P2 – Listing Outcomes

P3 – Fairness & Relative Frequency

P4 – Venn Diagrams


P6 – Bar Charts

P7 – Pie Charts

P8 – Frequency Polygon

P9 – Mean, Mode, Median and Range

P10 – Mean from a Frequency Table

P11 – Grouped Frequency

P12 – Estimating the Mean

P13 – Scatter Graphs & Correlations

KS3 Maths Revision Cards

Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions you have about our KS3 Maths Revision Cards are answered here.

Yes, our KS3 maths revision cards cover the core curriculum with every major topic type covered.

These key stage three maths cards are A5, with one side dedicated to covering the key content and the reverse used for practice questions.

Each maths revision card has a title of the topic covered, an explanation, a formula if there is one and at least one worked example so students can learn how to answer questions using the best methods. There is also a question on the reverse of every card with space for working. Each card has a QR code to make accessing the answers and further KS3 revision materials as easy as possible.

We use Royal Mail to ship all KS3 card orders. This usually takes 2-3 days for our standard shipping option.

We offer discounts for larger orders which are typically placed by schools and tuition agencies. Our order form takes care of all discount codes and bulk order discounts which are applied automatically to the basket.

You can scan the handy QR code which will take you directly to the worked solution as well as tonnes of other relevant KS3 revision materials. If you have an iPhone you can simply scan the code with your camera, for Android phones there are tonnes of free QR apps. Alternatively you can use the code on the card to access the correct answers directly through the site.

KS3 Maths Revision Card Answers

Get the answers for the KS3 Maths Revision Cards here.

KS3 Maths Cards Answers

Shipping / Delivery Information

All items are shipped using Royal Mail. For our standard shipping option this means you should receive your items within 2-3 working days for all UK orders. International shipping varies depending on the country but usually takes between 5-10 working days.

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  1. These cards are great, simple and easy to use. D is able to use them independently, which supports and encourages confidence. Not too worried they aren’t in a nice box as if they are being used they wouldn’t be in the box and not having to get them out specifically means they are accessible to use.

    Sarah (verified owner)
  2. Excellent for helping children to engage with maths in something a little different to a screen!

  3. I can not pick a fault in the cards themselves as they look great and break things down into smaller more manageable chunks for our daughter to understand and it is definitely working. The only slight criticism is the packaging the cards come in could be a little more inspiring.

    Jay Alexander
  4. Excellent revision materials just poorly presented wrapped in elastic bands with slow delivery. They have clearly got the content right, just need a corporate gloss to make the cards shine.

    Jake (verified owner)
  5. I was sent the first set but made a mistake with my address and they were so helpful and agreed to send out another set for me. The maths cards themselves are what we had hoped for. Excellent!

    N Ali (verified owner)
  6. Good service and delivery

    Catherine H (verified owner)
  7. Fast delivery and nice cards.

    Charles (verified owner)
  8. A well made set of maths cards. The only thing that lets them down is a lack of a presentation box otherwise they would make a good gift.

    Mrs Corbyn (verified owner)
  9. I do recommend the cards as the content is fantastic. The minor criticism I have is with presentation. The cards are wrapped with elastic band and arrive in a jiffy envelope, if this was improved it would be a 5 star review. The cards themselves are very good/.

    Tiana (verified owner)
  10. The item arrived in good time. The packaging was okay but I would have hoped for a presentation box as these are going to be a gift. Having a gifting option would improve the cards.

    Marco Parry (verified owner)
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