01 – Rounding

The moon is an average of 384,400 km away from the Earth, but an answer of ‘about 380,000 km‘, is fine.


We can round off numbers to the nearest 10,000, nearest 1,000, nearest 100, nearest 10, nearest whole number, or any other specified number.




Round 384,400 to the nearest thousand.

First, look at the digit in the thousands place. It is 4. So the number lies between 384,000 and 385,000


Look at the digit to the right of the 4. It is 4. So 384,400 is closer to 384,000 than 385,000.

Your Turn:

Remember:  The rule for rounding
5 or more, we ’round up’ , 4 or less, it stays as it is.

Round 155 to the nearest 10

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